Xdv For Pc (Windows 7, 8, 10, Mac) Free Download

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Do you ever imagine that you can watch live activities through your device? Well, modern technology makes this dream true. Now you can set the camera at your home or office and install the XDV for PC. This app will help you to see the footage of live videos from anywhere you want.

The XDV application is completely free for the user. You can now watch, customize, or edit videos if you want. You can now leave all the worries behind for home or office. Now you can look after your office and home both at a time and maintain strong security.

Why Choose Xdv For Pc

As you know, the XDV is a surveillance app for those who want to keep everything on hand. That means, they can look over and control everything even by sitting far from the workplace. So many reasons are available to choose XDV for windows.

Xdv For Pc

This app has a motion sensor. That means you will be notified if there any movement appears. Also, you can video, capture photos, or zoom the screen if you want. This app provides multiple screens. So you can easily keep an eye on different places at a time. The application delivers a DV video screen for the live preview.

Benefits Of Using Xdv For Pc

How will be benefited if you set up a camera at home or at your workplace? It will destroy your privacy. But, you will be benefited in so many ways. Such as-

  • The app helps you to keep monitoring those people those damage your company.
  • You can catch the culprit if you have any suspicious person at the office.
  • The motion sensor will notify you immediately, so no one can enter at home or office without your observation.
  • You can record or take a screenshot for evidence if necessary.
  • The app has an alarm option that you can activate for a certain reason.
  • The Video has a time-lapse loop recording system.
  • You can share it simultaneously with the social platform.

Xdv For Pc Apk & Features

Here I m presenting some special features so that you ill understand the function of XDV on your PC.

High-quality Video:

This app maintains quality while delivering the live footage to the users. You ill see the video clearly from any device.

Motion Sensor:

The motion sensor activities are the best features of this app. So, if anything unusual happen in the place you will see through the app. The app will notify you instantly.

Other features:

By using this app you can take videos from the live footage and also take photos and screenshots. Also, you can play the video in a slow-motion to watch everything carefully. The app has a time-lapse option with a loop recording from the live footage.

How To Download And Install Xdv On Your Pc (Windows and Mac)

If you want to keep your home or workstation safe by using a camera you need to install a surveillance app on your device. You can also download XDV for PC windows 10 by using an emulator software. The whole process of downloading and installing XDV for Mac and windows. Follow the process.

Xdv For Windows

How To Install Xdv For Pc Using Android Emulator

A very simple way to install XDV on your PC is by using an emulator like Bluestacks or Nox player on your device. At first, download the Bluestacks or Nox player if you have not installed it yet. And then follow the steps

Step 1- After downloading the Bluestacks or Nox Player, install the app by double-clicking on the icon.

Step 2- Emulator software needs to sign up for launch with an email ID.

Step 3- Now open the google play store from the software and search for the XDV app.

Step 4- Select the particular one to install on your device and wait.

Step 5- After installing the app, now open it to use on your device.

How To Install Xdv For Mac Using Android Emulator

The emulator also supports the Mac device to download an android app. Use Bluestacks or MEmu to install XDV for Mac. The process is –

  • Download and then install the Bluestacks or Nox player from the website.
  • Open the software with an ID and search for the apple store.
  • Write the XDV on the search bar and click the icon of the magnifying glass.
  • The app will show on your screen. Select the app and install it by clicking the button.
  • The app will install on your device. Now, you can use it whenever you want from the Mac.

Frequently Asked Questions

✔ What is XDV?

XDV is one of the best surveillance apps that give you control over the live video footage. You can customize, record, take a screenshot or photos from the footage. This app also has a motion sensor. If any object moves you will get the notification instantly.

✔ Is it safe to use XDV on your PC?

Yes, using the XDV is completely safe and secure on your device. The app is password-protected, so no one can easily watch the footage.

✔ How do you use the XDV on PC?

By using an emulator software on your PC, you will be able to install the XDV app on your PC and then use it like other android devices.

✔ Is the XDV app is free?

Yes, the XDV is completely free and you will find out the app on google play store or Apple store.

✔ Is it legal to use XDV on your device?

If you are using the app for your own surveillance camera, then there is no question about the legality. But if you want to try using this app on other’s camera then this is illegal. Otherwise, the app is completely legal to use.

Final Word

Now a day’s modern technology is far more advance then we ever think of. With a video call, you may be able to see the instant video clips. But with a CCTV or surveillance camera, you will get the news of every second. To monitor everything through the camera you can install XDV for PC.

The XDV app will give you control over the live video footage. You can watch the footages, even you are far from the location. This app offers multiple screens on the device. You can also zoom in the footage if you want o see something particularly. What you are waiting for. Go to the play store and install the XDV on your device. 

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