Wifi Map for Pc 2022 – Download for Windows 7/8/10 & Mac

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WiFi Map is the network community app to share networks all over the world. WiFi Map LLC developed the app and eliminated the internet problem while traveling or accessing the internet. It lets you use the internet for free with millions of users.

By using the app, you get a Wifi hotspot and its actual password to connect to the internet. On top of that, it offers a private connection with unlimited VPN services. Till now, it is limited to the Android and iOS platforms but to get Wifi map for pc; you can use the Android emulator on Windows.overview of Wifi Map for pc

Additional Information of Wifi Map for PC

Here is the chart with the additional information on the Wifi map. You might need this information while downloading the wifi map for pc.

Developed By WiFi Map LLC
Updated March 3, 2021
Size 75MB
Current Version 5.4.14
Requires Android 4.4 and Up
Interactive Elements Users Interact, Digital Purchases

Sneak Peek Features of Wifi Map for Pc

features of Wifi Map for pc windows and macA regular update contributes to newly added features of the Wifi map. Some of the key elements that make it popular around the world described below.

  • Internet available all over the world.
  • Unlimited WiFi Hotspot is available free of cost.
  • Filters facilities help you to find the nearest wifi around you.
  • There is map navigation to locate the local hotspot.
  • An offline map is available while traveling.
  • Several reliable and secure VPN servers to protect your identity.

What Can You Do With Wifi Map for Pc?

It is the best way to get to the internet, especially when traveling or out of your WiFi network. WiFi map offers a variety of benefits that includes

Fast and Secure Vpn for Public Networks

There is a built-in VPN you can use to surf online anonymously. With the VPN, you can make a safe internet connection to secure your privacy. Also, local services are available for you to enjoy.

Offline Map With Details

The offline map works to offer you get the internet anywhere. The map is full of Wifi related information, including password and user ID. when you are out of the network, use the offline map to find the nearest Wifi.

Advantages of Wifi Map Community

You can use the Wifi Scanner to test the nearby Wifi internet speed and connect to the faster ones. You can then share the WiFi and its details with the community for the other users.

Keep Yourself Updated

When you have the WiFi Map on your PC, you can keep communicating with your friends or business partners. Streaming, gaming, and social media are available anywhere you go. Its most significant benefit is you are never out of reach.

How to Download Wifi Map for PC using ARChon emulator

An emulator works as the bridge between the Android and Windows systems. It enables the android app to behave like a Windows system. You can pick ARChon from the emulator’s list and follow the leads to download Wifi Map for pc.

  • Start with downloading ARChon on the windows PC.download archon emulator to download wifi map for pc
  • Sign in to the play store with the existing Google Id through the emulator.

sign in to download wifi map for pc and mac

  • Find the Wifi Map on the Play store and tab the install button.how to download and install Wifi Map for pc
  • Automatically starts the process and completes it by itself.

How Can You Connect the Wifi With Wifi Map for Pc?

It is straightforward to connect with the internet using a few connecting steps. Take a look at the following instructions.

  • Once you have completed the downloading, open the Wifi map.
  • Select location and search for an available Wifi network near you.
  • Collect the required information and connect with the Wifi Hotspot.
  • Start using the reliable internet with Wifi maps.

How Can You Add New Wifi to the Community?

You can add a Wifi to share with its community by following a few steps described below. The simple condition is you have to be connected with the same network you want to share with the community

  • Open the Wifi map on your device.
  • Tap the “Add Wifi” button from the main screen.
  • Select the location of the wifi from the list.
  • Provide the essential information and share.


If you need more information to download the Wifi map for pc, you can read the following questions and answers.

Can I Hack Wifi Password?

Nowadays, many tools are available to hack the less secure wifi router. If you use the default settings and password, it is easy for hackers to hack your Wifi and your personal information.

What Is the Best App for Free Wifi?

Free Wifi passwords, offline maps & VPN Wifi Map is the best free App to access the internet anywhere in the world. Its secure VPN lets you browse with privacy and works at a faster speed. A multidimensional app to protect and please you.

What Is the Use of Wifi Map?

It is a crowdsourcing tool to locate WiFi hotspots near you. You can see the details of the wifi and connect it with the device. Though the WiFi is well protected you can use it anonymously.

Is it Legal to Use Free Wifi?

By the act of 1986, you are allowed to access an open-sourced network. It is not hacking or abusing to use the open Wifi or routers without authorization.

Final Verdict

Amongst many of the wifi finder apps, the Wifi map is the best as it secures user information and provides complete anonymity. Its wide range of Wifi hotspots allows its user to get connected from different parts of the world. In reality, it is an essential daily app to utilize your online activity.

For internet users, it is the most recommended app to download. Use the process mentioned above to get a WiFi map for pc, which is very simple. If you want to download the Wifi map on your windows pc, just question me in the comment section for trouble.

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