How to Install WhatsCall for PC, Laptop (Windows 7,8,10 & Mac)

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This is such a big issue when you need to make a call internationally. You have to pay a big amount of money for messages or calls. What if I gave a magical app to you to call anywhere you want completely free? Would you believe it? Well, there is a magical app called WhatsCall. You can also use WhatsCall for PC by using an emulator

This app gives you unlimited service to call anywhere you want. Also, you can get a secure line for the call. It’s not necessary that other people have to use an internet connection while talking. You just put the number that you want to call and talk as long as you want.

Why Choose WhatsCall for PC

To be honest, international call rates are very much high. Again, you can’t be able to stay online or get connected with the internet all the time. This app helps you in this situation. If you just put the number on the dial list on this app. The other person doesn’t have to stay on an internet connection. You can call any time you want without charge.

WhatsCall for PC

Also, you can easily connect with the person. You don’t have to face any network problem at all. You can also simply finish the business call through this app if you want. This app supports all landline or android device for the call. You can also connect the internet for a free call. The app opens a free credit option to give you lots of opportunities.

Benefits of using WhatsCall for PC

WhatsCall is a free calling app that you can talk anywhere you want around the world. After overviewing the app, we find some benefits that you might like.

  • The app gives you free service to call anywhere.
  • The app will minimize your phone bill.
  • The app allows giving the users credits. So that you can get new facilities through these credits.
  • The app can build-up the relationship, as there is no connection problem during the talk.
  • The app has a high-quality voice call option for users.
  • You can also share pictures, images, or voice messages through this app.

WhatsCall for PC APK & Features

I am pointing some features of WhatsCall for windows, so your point of view would be clear about the app.

Quality Sound

The app offers good sound quality for the app. You can clearly listen to the sound of another person through this app.


The app ensures that you can talk or communicate with this app securely. No one can easily track down the voice call. The apps encrypted all the messages or calls for the user’s safety.

Easy to operate

You don’t have to know rocket science for using this app. The operating system is very simple and easy to use for anyone.

Process of Download and install WhatsCall on your PC

The process of downloading and installing Whatscall on your PC is very simple and quick. At first, set up an emulator software on your device. As the app is an android one. Then use an emulator to download the app on your device and install it.

WhatsCall for Windows

How to install WhatsCall for PC using Android emulator

To install WhatsCall on PC using Bluestacks or MEmu software. And then download WhatsCall for PC. The process of installing on PC is given below.

  • Go to the website to download Bluestacks or MEmu for the computer.
  • Install on your PC and log in with an email ID.
  • The log in process will help to keep the record of your data.
  • Search for the app from the software or you can go through the play store.
  • The play store will deliver you the latest WhatsCall for windows.
  • Select the app and install it for your device.
  • After finish, the installation part, open it to use on your device.

How to install WhatsCall for Mac using Android Emulator

WhatsCall can also be installed for Mac by using Bluestacks or Nox Player software, Follow the steps to find out the installing procedure of WhatsCall for Mac.

Step 1: At first, download Bluestacks or Nox Player emulator from the website.

Step 2: Then install it on your device to use it. Sign in the software with an ID.

Step 3: Open the software and search for the Apple store.

Step 4: From the store, it will be easy to find out the WhatsCall app.

Step 5: Select the app and install it on your device. Later you can simply use it by open the app. No other formalities here to continue the app.

Download WhatsCall

Final Verdict

WhatsCall for PC is a necessary app for any online users. If you want to talk outside your country with your phone, you have to pay money. But if you install this app on your device you can easily talk to each other without any cost. You can even use this app while traveling.

The audio quality of this app is good and gives you unlimited talk time without any interruption. No call drops or fear of call tracking. You will get a complete secure line for the call. It doesn’t matter Either the person lived in another country or the same country or city.  You will not find big differences while talking. The quality will remain the same for both places.

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