Whatsapp Sniffer for PC – Free Download 2022 (Mac And Windows)

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Whatsapp sniffer is an android application that is used for spying and monitoring purposes. When both of the devices are connected with the same Wifi network it breaches the whats App security. With its help, you can hack other WhatsApp user’s accounts. The process of hacking is straightforward with this app.

As a parent, you should download the Whatsapp sniffer for pc, to watch over your children’s cyberlife. It breaks the system of WhatsApp and exposes the victim’s data, including chat messages, pictures, videos, etc. To secure your loved one from being a cyber victim, Whatsapp sniffer works the best.

Whatsapp Sniffer Additional Information

Here is the list of the WhatsApp sniffers details which define the app’s configuration. This information is called the additional information.

Developer Whatsapp sniffer
File size 612 KB
Latest Version v1.0.3
Android Version 5.0 and Above
Last updated March 2021

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Specialty of Whatsapp Sniffer App

It is specially built for monitoring to secure people from unexpected web dangers. Whatsapp sniffer has some special benefits that make it unique to its users. Here are some of its specialty below:Whatsapp Sniffer for windows


Whatsapp sniffer exactly does what it says. You can track and monitor messages, photos, videos, and more. Tracking includes the sender’s and receivers’ location, date, and time.

No charge:

This spying app is free and never charges its user. Its small size and its easy interface make it easier for everyone. Whoever wants to spy on someone can use the app.

Spying Tools:

It is built for spying, the spying tools can be used in a good manner to keep an eye over your kids or loved one. It provides the secret details of the desired victims.

Specialized in Monitoring:

Many spying apps don’t monitor other apps, but Whatsapp monitors the other apps as well. It sniffs on Facebook messenger and Snapchat as well.

Browsing and Intercept:

It never skips the browsing history of the victims and can also hack the victim’s emails. It doesn’t stop after intercept but seizes the mobile calls.

Effortless to Spy Group Messages:

If there is a group chat, you can hack that and listen or see what others are saying. Its downloading effort is free, as you don’t have to make any extra effort to download Whatsapp sniffer for pc.

Downloading Steps of Whatsapp Sniffer for Windows 7, 8, and 10

it is an android app, so install an emulator to download the WhatsApp sniffer for pc. Some notable emulators are NOX, Bluestacks, MeMu, ARChon and Remix OS, etc.Whatsapp Sniffer for mac

  • Start with downloading Bluestacks on the computer.
  • Launch Bluestacks and click to open “My Apps.”.
  • Search Whatsapp sniffer on the emulator store and download it.
  • Sign in with your Gmail to download apps from the Play store..
  • Once you have logged in, the installation process starts and finishes automatically.

If there is any problem while downloading Whatsapp sniffer on windows, you try installing Microsoft.net Framework. Otherwise, you can try with the NOX emulator.

  • Install NOX app player on the pc and login with Gmail.
  • Search WhatsApp sniffer, install it on the emulator.
  • Once installation completes, you can use Whatsapp sniffer on your pc


People are always questioned-minded. That’s why some of the questions have been answered here regarding Whatsapp.

Can Police Track Whatsapp Messages?

Facebook parents it, and its authority shares data with security enforcement agencies when needed. Police can access your messages, IP addresses, phone number, location, and relative information.

Can I View Whatsapp Chats in Whatsapp Sniffer?

Yes, you can see the Whatsapp messages by using the Whatsapp sniffer. If both of the devices use the same Wifi network then it is possible.

How Do You Know If Your Whatsapp Is Being Monitored?

Enter Whatsapp web to check the list of open sessions. If your Whatsapp account had unknown access, you will see the message “ This phone could not be verified,” which means you are being monitored

Final Statement

Whatsapp sniffer was developed for a good cause, especially for parental awareness. After downloading whatsapp sniffer for pc, you can monitor your kids whether they are being misguided by cyberbullying and spam calls. It helps to keep an eye on your loved ones to protect them from digital threats.

As a parent, I recommend you to download the Whatsapp sniffer for pc windows 10 to secure your children’s cyber life. While downloading, if you face any kind of trouble, you can freely comment, and you will have your answer shortly.

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