WeChat App for PC | How To Download (Windows 7/8/10 & Mac)

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WeChat was developed as a mobile messaging app by WeChat that later transformed into a social media app. It is considered as a trend for its multi-features that make life easier. Without any age restrictions, anybody can use the app for communication and amusements. It works excellent to share feelings and moments with friends, including stories, images, and videos of memorable moments.

It became the top-ranked mobile app in 2018, with its billions of users. WeChat is the top competitor of Whatsapp and FB messenger for its fantastic features. It doesn’t work only as a social media but also as a life-changing trend but unfortunately, wechat app for pc is not developed yet.

WeChat App Additional Information

Additional information on the WeChat app is listed on the chart below. It is essential to know the app’s configuration while deploying the app for new users.

Developer  WeChat
Updated  January 6, 2021
Size  Depends on the device
Current Version  7.0.21
Requires Version  5.0 and Up
Content Rating  Everyone 

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Why Do Over One Billion People Use the WeChat App?

WeChat gathers many features from the best social media in one package. Its diversity of benefits and unlimited fun facilitates the users. Here are some critical reasons mentioned below.WeChat App for PC

All in One System:

It has two side benefits; communicating with friends and family and get in touch with potential customers. Online booking, paying bills, plane ticket booking, and investing in new stock is the unique facility of WeChat. Including everything, it is called an all-in-one package.


Shake is an uncommon feature that offers an interactive component to users. A user has to shake his phone to find someone nearby who is also shaking to participate in a brand promotion or a local event. It is a fantastic feature that brings people closer.

Walkie Talkies for Convoy:

Walkie-talkie features let to maintain contact with the convoy members. It works like a real walkie-talkie but requires an internet connection on WeChat. However, it is easier than the real Walkie-Talkies while using the app

Wallet Replacement:

It allows its user to link their bank accounts with the WeChat app to purchase online and offline items. With that, users can easily shop from the app. It is helpful for business advertising to cut their costs while promoting products.

Communication Enhancements:

WeChat offers a free communication facility for texting, calling, and video conferences. Hold to talk is the popular feature to breeze the message. Usually, it is called the sending voice message feature. 

Why Do You Need an Emulator to Download Wechat on Your PC?

An emulator works as a bridge between the Android and Windows platforms. As WeChat has no windows version, you need to use the emulator to connect both platforms to download the WeChat app for pc. Here are the methods to follow:WeChat App for windows

  • Download Bluestacks as an emulator from its official site.
  • Once it is downloaded, open Bluestacks and sign in to the Play Store.
  • Search the WeChat, click to install on your pc.
  • When the installation completes, you can use wechat for pc windows 10.

What to Do If Bluestacks Not Responds

If Bluestacks doesn’t respond while downloading the wechat app on your pc or has trouble downloading the app, you should use another emulator such as Nox Player.WeChat App on pc

  • Go to Nox official websites to download Nox Player.
  • When the download is completed, open and sign in with a Google account.
  • Sign in with the Google account to access the play store.
  • Search WeChat on the play store and download it.

Alternatives to WeChat

You will find several apps on the internet today. So, what makes this app unique? Consider the following WeChat vs. other popular mobile chat apps comparisons.


Line launched several months after WeChat. Both applications have features in common. For example, both can be used for financial transfers. The Line is a popular mobile payment system in Japan, while WeChat is popular in China. However, as opposed to WeChat Pay, the percentage of purchases using Line Pay to conventional payment methods is smaller.


Viber is also a popular online chat app nowadays. Both apps have identical specifications. Users in both applications, for example, can record audio, exchange location, and use a range of other features. On the other hand, Viber has an advantage over WeChat in that it provides for temporary text messaging.


WhatsApp is one of the first smartphone messaging applications and it was released in 2009. This app helps users to send and receive messages as well as make calls on mobile devices and computers. Both apps are compatible with a wide range of phone and device operating systems. However, two of the messaging applications, WhatsApp seem to be more popular than WeChat. WhatsApp has a simple, fast, and user-friendly interface.


If you need more knowledge regarding downloading wechat app for pc, don’t skip this question and answer section.

Is Wechat Safe?

Though the app provides some best features, it has some holes that might breach the user’s security. There is no built-in security protection on the WeChat app. Chinese authorities use the app for mass surveillance worldwide. That all means that the WeChat app is not safe at all.

Is There Last Seen on Wechat?

No, the option is not available on WeChat. There is no alert or marker to know if someone is online or offline except asking them. 

Does Wechat Notify Its Users When Someone Takes a Screenshot of the Chats?

WeChat doesn’t let anyone know if users take a screenshot while on the chats or video calls. You are free to take screenshots as many as you want.

Can I Use Wechat on Windows 32 Bits?

Yes, you can use this app on your 32-bit windows. Because WeChat is licensed as freeware for PCs with Windows 32 bit and 64-bit operating systems.

Can I Change My Wechat ID?

Yes, you can change your ID. Simply go to me section then choose the WeChat ID option to change your ID.

What is WeChat File Transfer?

WeChat file transfer is a handy feature that allows users to transfer data directly between mobile devices and PCs.

Final Statement

Wechat is famous for its simplicity that includes all the typical features you need on social media. Since it has been launched, it gains a vast number of installs on mobiles. It is most prevalent in China for various uses. WeChat makes life easier by providing the maximum benefits in a single app. 

Though it is not compatible with pc, you can download the wechat app for pc using the emulator shown above. Moreover, use the same process to install wechat app for mac. If still, you need assistance regarding the issue, you are free to ask me in the comment section.

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