How to Install web video caster for pc (Windows 7, 8, 10, Mac)

Web video caster easily caste your mobile videos on your TV. You can easily cast videos from your favorite websites such as Netflix and Hulu. It supports both audio and video files stored on your mobile. Downloading web video caster for pc, you can cast videos from your PC to TV.

You can add subtitles of the videos or you can download subtitles from with this app. Web Video Caster supports Chromecast, Roku, Amazon Fire TV, and Fire TV Stick, and other smart TVs. It supports all most all kinds of media. We can create a theater environment by downloading and installing Web Video Caster on our phone or PCs.

What Is Web Video Caster For Pc

Web Video Caster is one of the most popular video casting apps that allows you to watch your favorite mobile and PC videos on TV. It supports most of the streaming devices and media. It is simple to get started casting videos on TV with this app.

web video caster for pc

You can easily bookmark your favorite videos with Web video caster. It is compatible with most Smart TVs that have DLNS. It works with a wide variety of devices including desktop web browsers, Android TV, Android devices, and Fire TV.

Benefits Of Using Web Video Caster For Pc

Using Web video caster on your PC, you can cast all audio and video files to TV for a wider view. You can cast on PlayStation 4 by using its web browser, Amazon Fire TV, Smart TVs, DLNA receivers.

  • It is simple to cast from mobile/PC to your Smart TVs.
  • There has no pop up integrated videos.
  • You can easily bookmark your favorite videos with this app and set the videos in the queue.
  • This app saves the history of the videos so that you can find your previous record.
  • It features a home screen shortcut so that you can watch other videos program at the time of watching cast videos.

Web Video Caster For Pc Apk And Features

You will enjoy premium features at the time of using web video caster for PC. You will get the following features when you download and install it on your mobile or PC and cast on TV.

No in-App Advertising:

In-app advertising hinders and distracts our attention at the time of enjoyment. Web video caster doesn’t show at the time of casting videos on your TV.

Easy to use:

You can use this app like web browser. Firstly, find the videos you want to watch from your mobile or PC. THen cast it to to your favorite streaming devices such as Chromecast, Roku, and Apple TV 4 or newer.

Rich Casting and Browsing:

Installing web video caster on your phone or PC, you can enjoy a rich casting and browsing experience. You can cast both local videos and web videos on TV.

Block Popup:

It blocks ad popup at the time of enjoying your favorite shows on TV. You can easily view video history from the app. You can also set the ” Queue” of the videos you want to see.

More Compatibility:

You can download it in both Android and iOS-based smartphones.

How To Download And Install Web Video Caster For Pc (Mac And Windows)

You can easily cast your favorite TV shows, movies, and other videos from your PC by downloading web videos caster on mac or windows.

web video caster for mac

How To Install Web Video Caster For Pc Using Bluestack Android Emulator

Using a mobile app by downloading BlueStack is the most simple and popular way. Just adding your Google account on BlueStack, you can easily use all play Store’s apps. Follow the following steps to download and install web videos caster on your PC.

Step 1: 

First of all, check the device configuration of your PC and download BlueStack from the official site of the Blustack. If you don’t have the minimum configuration for downloading BlueSTack, update your operating system. It is better to keep updated your operating system and browser at the time of downloading BlueStack.

Step 2: 

After downloading the files of the BlueStack, to get rid of any spam, malware, or viruses. Click on the .exe files to install on your PC.

Step 3: 

At this setp, you need to add your Google Play Store account in BlueStack. Add you existing Play Store account to sync the apps on your phones to your PC.

Step 4: 

Search ” Web video caster” on the search box of the BlueStack and wait for some moments. Check the internet connection if you donn’t see the app on the screen.

Step 5: 

After appearing app on the screen of the PC, you need to click on the install buttom located beneath the app. You will see a successful notification after installing app on PC.

How To Install Web Video Caster For Pc Using Nox App Android Emulator

Nox is another android emulator app that allows you to install any Play Store app on your PC. Gamers like this app because they get a bigger screen and play more conveniently. Follow the following steps to download web videos caster on your PC.

  1. Visit the official site of the Nox to get the origial and latest version. You can download both online and offline installer to install Nox App Player on PC.
  2. Now open the downloaded file from your PC and click on the “checkbox” to accept the Nox License Agreement.
  3. Now click on install button of the Nox app player. If you already have Nox player on PC and want to install new version of the Nox, you will see “Overwrite Install” instead of “Install”. You can install with previous data.
  4. Now add your Google account in the Nox app player. After enterring the username and password of your Google Account, search ” Web Video Browser” on the search Box of the Nox.
  5. After appearing app, click on the install button to install and use.

Final Thought

Web video caster is a popular video casting app that allows you to cast all types of audio and videos on the TV. Watching favorite videos on small screens doesn’t give full enjoyment like theater. Mounting your TV & audio devices at the right places and casting your videos on TV, you can create a theater environment.

Simple user interface and easy accessibility of the web video caster have increased the popularity of this casting app. MP4 videos, movies and TV shows, live news and sports, HTML 5 videos, Photos, and audio files can be cast through this app. So, download web video caster for PC and cast your favorite videos from PC.

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