VPN Melon for PC and Mac (Windows 7/8/10) – Free Download

If you are in search of the best free VPN for your PC, then melon vpn should be your go-to option to choose. It comes with several different features that must fulfill your requirements. Like other vpn out there in the market, it allows you to browse internet hiding your IP and other personal data.

It is suitable for not only your PC, other than that you can use the vpn for your mac as well. Not only that you can use this free but professional vpn for other devices including tablet, android, smartphone and so forth. It is compatible with any version like vpn melon for pc windows 10.

Why Choose VPN Melon for PC

There are many reasons you should choose VPN Melon for PC. Among them, you can private your data and IP using the vpn though it is completely free to use. But being free, it is able to satisfy you because all the features it provides to its users are worth praising. Therefore, you can choose the free vpn for your needs in comparison to other vpn out there in the market.

VPN Melon for PC

Benefits of using VPN Melon for PC

There is almost nothing in the world that has no benefits. Under the sun, you can find benefits of anything. Therefore, vpn melon provides you numerous benefits that is enough to meet your day to day needs. In this precise but effective article, I am going to share with you these benefits of the vpn so that you can understand better.

  • It allows you to encrypt your IP and browsing history so that the cybercriminals, the government and other persons cannot track your browsing history.
  • VPN Melon helps you to connect fast to the server nearest to you quickly and safely, therefore, you don’t have to worry about the speed after connecting with the free vpn.
  • As the vpn for pc and mac prevent your data to log for the vpn, you are free to use your device without being worried.
  • Its security features are too strong to prevent the cybercriminals from stealing your personal browsing data and other information that is important to you.
  • The free vpn for pc can block malware that may harm your system and other necessary files stored in your computer or any other devices.

VPN Melon for PC APK & Features:

VPN Melon comes with consistent bug fixing system and updates so that you don’t have any issues with the free vpn for your mac or pc. Therefore, it delivers its users the best service out there in the competitive market. Not only that downloading the vpn melon apk file, you can use it smoothly after installing the vpn to your pc or mac.

  • To protect you from the rest of the world, it comes with bypass firewall filters and surveillance.
  • Compared to other vpn, it is one of the superfast vpn application.
  • Its unlimited vpn services will fulfill your requirements with satisfaction.
  • Many servers allow to access from more countries.
  • Depending on your needs, you can unblock any sites, games, apps and social networks.
  • VPN Melon can protect your security of your identity, data and privacy.
  • It simple UI design allows you to surf it easily.
  • While browsing the internet, it preserves no logs.

How to Download and Install VPN Melon on your PC (Mac and Windows)

Downloading and installing VPN Melon should be as easy as counting one, two, three. Follow the process below:

VPN Melon for mac

How to install VPN Melon For PC Using Android Emulator

Step 01:

Run the emulator you have and write the name of the free vpn that is VPN Melon.

Step 02:

You will see some suggested names below the search bar. Select VPN Melon. Now you should see the install butoon available on the top right of the specific app.

Step 03:

Click on “Install” and the installation process will start shortly. Wait until the installation process finishes. Once, it is over, now you are ready to use the free vpn just by clicking on the thumbnail of the vpn.

How to install VPN Melon For Mac Using Android Emulator

The process of installing the vpn melon on your pc should be similar to install it on your mac. But make sure you have the right bit meaning 32 or 64. If you have 32 bit, you should download vpn melon for pc 32bit.

Step 01:

Write the name of the vpn melon for mac and you will see the suggested names below the search bar.

Step 02:

Click on the right name of the vpn and you should see the vpn and the install button on the top right of the vpn name.

Step 03:

Click on the install button and wait until the installation process is finished. Once it is finished, now click on the icon of the vpn melon on mac and it will start to use.

Upcoming 2021 Features

  • Support android 10
  • Now you can start FREE VIP and PRO VIP to enjoy super fast speed.
  • Bypass the school firewall, free VPN proxy school wifi.
  • Add more servers and regions.
  • Fix crashes and bugs.

Frequently Asked Questions

✔ How do I use the VPN Melon on my PC?

To use VPN Melon on your pc, you have to download it by using BlueStacks App Player or Nox App Player. After downloading and installing it, you can use the VPN smoothly.

✔ Which is the best free VPN for PC?

VPN Melon is one of the best free VPN applications for you because of its ability to protect you and offer various benefits.

✔ Is VPN MelonUnlimited?

Yes, the VPN Melon is unlimited, so that you can use it without any restriction.

✔ What is the melon app used for?

The Melon app (manufacturer’s site) is a video chat app that allows people from all over the world to connect by just tapping a button.

✔ Is melon vpn free?

Yes, it is 100% free vpn to use.

Final thought

VPN Melon should be your favorite one if you want to use a free vpn but need your needed features. The fee vpn can keep your credential and other necessary data away from cybercriminal, government and other related persons from being stolen. Being ideal to install almost all the devices, vpn melon is one of the most popular and user-friendly vpn out there in the market.

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