V380s for PC – How to Download and Install Tutorial

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If you are searching for a solid android app for monitoring your home or workplace choose V380s for PC. You will find lots of surveillance app on the app store. It will be difficult to know which one is best for your device. But, don’t worry after reading this article I am sure you can decide on the best one.

Normally, android apps that you search on the play store are user-friendly. The V380s all keep the same quality for the users. One of the best cloud-based camera apps is V380s that offer your high-quality video with lots of features. You can watch, listen, or talk through this app by installing it on your device.

Why Choose V380s for PC

Want an app that gives you all the facilities to monitor and observe everything to keep your family protected? Then, you should choose V380s on your PC. Why? Well, this app gives you recording facilities from live footage. You can watch everything through this app. Even the single details of everything.

V380s for PC

You can rotate the camera from far away by this app. Don’t have to present at the place or not to worry about your home or office when you are not there. The app has a detection alarm for movement. Also, this app has the option to connect with a video call if you installed it on your device.

Benefits of using V380s for PC

I am pointing some benefits here that will give you extra facilities in your busy life. You can just relax by installing V380s for windows.

  • Live video footage with a high-quality image.
  • You can rotate the camera from your device to see everything clearly.
  • This app supports cloud storage.
  • Video calling and audio intercom facilities are completely free.
  • You can control and maintain the whole camera from your device.
  • Capturing the image with this app is so easy.
  • You can focus on particular objects by zooming on the screen.

V380s for PC APK & Features

The V380s app offers some amazing features for its users. Have a look at the features to see their latest updates.

Easy to Use

The app is very easy to use and everyone can monitor from their device by installing the app. There are no procedures you have to follow to install the app. Just install with an Id and the app is ready on your device.

Storage Support

This app has great storage support on cloud storage. The recorded video will automatically save on the store. You can later watch it if you want.

High-quality Video

The app provides a high-quality image for the users. So, you don’t have to worry about single details. The image will be clear for you. Also, this app has a motion sensor to detect any unusual activities. Or person and notify the users immediately.

How to Download and install V380s on your PC

If you wish to use V380s then you need to download it first. You can easily get the app on your mobile from the app store. But, if you want to download v380s for PC, use an emulator software. For PC or windows, you have to use an emulator. Or else, you will not be able to use V380s for PC windows 10.

V380s for Windows

How to install V380s for PC using Android emulator

To install V380s for windows try Bluestacks or MEmu software on your device. To download emulator software follow the steps. You can also install V380s on your PC by following these steps.

Step 1: At first, go to the browser and search for the Bluestacks or MEmu player that you want to download on PC.

Step 2: Then select the website and download the software on your device.

Step 3: Go to your download folder and choose the software to install on your device. This process will take time.

Step 4: Now open the software where you need to put an email address.

Step 5: Go to the play store from the software and search for the V380s app.

Step 6: Select the app and install it on your PC.

Step 7: Now you can open the app by linking the IP of the camera and start using on your device.

How To Install V380s For Mac Using Android Emulator

The installation process of V380s for Mac is also very easy. You can just pick up the Bluestacks or Nox player for downloading the V380s app. Now follow the guidelines.

  • Start searching for the official website of Bluestacks or Nox player from the browser.
  • Download the software and install with an email ID to open the software.
  • Go to the homepage of emulator software where you will find the app store.
  • Search the V380s app from the store and select it to install.
  • Click the button to install and wait until you finish the process.
  • Now, open the app and finish the formalities. You may want an email ID to open the app.
Download V380s

Final Word

Safety is a big issue nowadays. I am sure you will not compromise your security over some app. Especially for home security. That is why you need the best app like V380s for PC. Among the other surveillance app, this one is particularly famous for its features.

This app uses modern technology. You can rotate the camera from your device easily. It provides high-quality video so that you see the things clearly. Also, you can record anything through this app. The V380s is getting popular day by day.

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