How To Install Uno Iptv For Pc (Windows 10, 8, 7)

The UNO IPTV for PC is one of the most interesting TV apps that you can use for watching live TV online. It will allow you to watch different TV channels based in the US and Vietnam. You can watch live news, sports, movies, and anything else with it if you have the UNO IPTV Android or iOS app.

If you love this TV app and want to install it on your computer, it doesn’t come with the regular installation method. You can install it on your Windows PC or Mac, following some simple steps that I will get you through. Stick to the article to install UNO IPTV on your PC and start watching TV in High resolution.

Why Choose Uno Iptv For Pc

When it comes to choosing IPTV apps on your device, you must choose the one that has the most versatility. The UNO IPTV on your pc is possibly the best IPTV app on the market right now. It offers numerous TV channels to watch in high resolution and comes with two choices for country selection. You can enjoy it either from the USA or Vietnam and get access to both country’s TV channels that support IPTV. It will get you local and international news 24/7 and give you custom choices to choose from different channels.

UNO IPTV for pc

Benefits Of Using Uno Iptv For Pc

Using the UNO IPTV on pc comes with some special features that you will get once you have this app installed on your computer. The most useful thing about using UNO IPTV is, you can watch both the USA and Vietnamese TV channels. Another important benefit of using the UNO IPTV is, you will get channel options for all kinds of media. You can access the IPTV from anywhere you’re visiting in the world and keep enjoying your favorite channels.

Uno Iptv For Pc Apk & Features

Once you download UNO IPTV for pc, you’ll get several features, some of them are mentioned below:

Media variation

UNO IPTV comes with almost any type of TV channel for watching live TV, movies, sports, TV shows, and so on.

Dedicated UI

You will get a simplified User interface that comes with the leash amount of learning curves to go through.

On-demand service

If you’re a music lover, with UNO IPTV, you can request for any music video or song that you want to have on the app.


The UNO IPTV app is accessible from anywhere in the world and watches all the channels it has on the UI.

Dual country

You can access TV channels from both the USA and the Vietnamese TV channels with the UNO IPTV app.

Schedule system

It allows you to customize the app for a specific period and set a timer for watching specific TV channels.

How To Download And Install Uno Iptv On Your Pc (Mac And Windows)

If you want to install UNO IPTV on your computer like smartphones, you have to create an android environment on your PC. You can get several android emulators like the Bluestacks, Nox Player, YouWave, PrimeOS, and so on. Here, I’ll get you the installation process, both for Windows and Mac.

UNO IPTV for Windows

How To Install Uno Iptv On Your Pc Using Android Emulator

If you’re using Windows, you can download and install the UNO IPTV for windows with this process. Let’s use the most popular emulator, Blustacks with this step by step guide to install the app on your computer:

Step 01: First, you have to download and install the Blustacks android emulator on your computer.

Step 02: Go to your download folder and double click on the downloaded app to install it on your computer.

Step 03: The installation will take a few minutes depending on your computer’s performance, open it from the desktop after installation.

Step 04: Click on the play store app in the Bluestacks emulator, then log in to your Google account.

Step 05: Search for UNO IPTV on the play store app, the TV app will appear on the first result after searching.

Step 06: Click on the install button to start installing the app, it will add a shortcut on the desktop after installation.

How To Install Uno Iptv For Mac Using Android Emulator

If you use an Apple computer, you can download and install the UNO IPTV for Mac as well. Nox player is a popular option to install any android app on Mac, follow this process to install the app:

Step 01: You have to download the NOX android emulator on your Mac, you can find the downloaded file on your download folder.

Step 02: Once you have downloaded the emulator, double click on the app to install it, and to make an android environment.

Step 03: Open the NOX player after installation and open the Play Store app inside the folder named My Apps.

Step 04: Log in to your Google account and search for the UNO IPTV to find it on the search result.

Step 05: Click on the install button to start installing the IPTV, it will take a few moments and add an icon on the desktop.

Step 06: You can now open up the app and start watching any channel you want to watch or make a schedule.

Upcoming 2021 Features

UNO IPTV for PC is popular for delivering new features from time to time, here are the latest features of your favorite app:

  1. UNO IPTV now has a cleaner look and simpler User interface to make it more interactive.
  2. You can now have dedicated buttons to schedule, information, and contact for demand.
  3. It’s now faster than ever with some minor bug fixes and performance updates.
Download UNO IPTV

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are the most frequently asked questions about UNO IPTV for PC that you might have an interest in:

✔ IS UNO IPTV free?

Yes, you can install and use the UNO IPTV for free with its open license.

✔ How much speed is required to run UNO IPTV?

You’ll need at least a 2.5Mbps internet speed to run UNO IPTV without any buffering.

✔ Can I watch Vietnamese TV channels for free with UNO IPTV?

Yes, you can watch Vietnamese TV channels for free if you use the UNO IPTV.

✔ Are American channels available on UNO IPTV?

Yes, UNO IPTV is an America owned TV app with American channels available to watch.

✔ Can I get on-demand media services with UNO IPTV?

You can ask for different music services on the UNO IPTV as your area of choice for the genre.

Final Thought

UNO IPTV for PC can come in handy if you’re interested in watching both American and Vietnamese TV channels in the same app. It’s the best option for watching all kinds of media, including movies, TV series, news, sports, and so on.

The app gives you a minimal user interface and dedicated buttons to control the different functions on the app. You’ll find the app more interesting as you can scroll through the channels from both the USA and the Vietnamese channels.

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