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Track view is a cross software app platform to connect smartphones, tablets, computers, and Ip cameras in the mobile security system. It was developed by for family security, as it helps to track your location, monitor audio and video, and instant alert from the surveillance.

It features some unique tools to monitor your kids and family members while you are away from them.  Track view includes car and mobile tracking, locates friends and thieves. You can use a trackview for pc to secure your regular life when you are not at home or business.

Specification Details of Track View for PC

Track view is the multi-service security app that publishes its specification details in the following chart.

Developed By
Updated January 6, 2021
Size 18 MB
Current Version 3.6.48
Requires Android 4.2 and Up

What Benefits Can You Get from Track View App for Pc

The revolution of technology made life easier, such as track view, as it offers a great range of services on daily life. It doesn’t matter wherever you are; you can keep an eye on your premises if you have the Trackview installed on your PC. Such asTrackview for windows

Trace Location:

It helps to find out your lost essentials such as cars and mobiles with the GPS finder. You can locate your family members, where are they, and what are they doing at home?

Ip Camera Surveillance:

It provides CCTV benefits while you are out of the place. You can monitor your home and business place while you are not in there. Track view gives complete surveillance to security in this case.


While you are far from home, it let you record the audio of the speech and record video of the CCTV surveillance. You can enjoy this feature at home or from outside the home.

Night Vision:

It uses the sensor for night vision to detect objects at night. Also, it detects the motion and sound in the darkness. That means you can see everything, whether it is day or night.

Strictly Secure:

Only access with the Gmail account and only the account holder can access the connected devices to control the cameras. It changes the network automatically when you jump to another network.

Universal Accessibility:

You can easily access and control your devices from anywhere in the world. Just connect the device with the same account you are using for track view. There is also cloud storage to store your recordings.

How Can You Get Trackview for Windows Pc?

Many emulators have been developed to convert the Android app for windows, such as NOX, Remix OS, ARChon, MeMu, etc. Just pick one from them to download trackview for pc. Here, we have shown the download procedure with MEmu.Trackview for Pc

  • Download and install MEmu from its official site.
  • Open the MEmu app and go to the play store.
  • Sign in with a gmail account to get access.
  • Search track view on the search bar.
  • After showing search results, install it.
  • After the completion, open it and start to use trackview for pc


After reading this article, you may have some questions regarding track view and its other options—That’s why I have written some questions with their answers.

Is Trackview Free?

Yes, it is the world’s leading free application with some incredible tracking features. Find a phone, find my friends, home surveillances and more benefits you can enjoy at free of cost.

How Do I Prevent My Phone from Being Hacked?

Go to settings to find the “use location” tap to turn it off. If the location tracking feature is turned off on Android devices, your phone is protected from a hacker.

How Do I Hide Trackview?

To hide Trackview from your pc, go to settings, tab hide apps. There will be a list of the apps; select track view to hide, and it is done.

Final Statement

Track view is a famous application that is used for multi-tasking. It is the safest way to watch over your families and premises. Also, its GPS tracker helps to find your cars and mobiles in the case of stealing. For your security and safety, download the trackview for pc with the emulator.

Trackview is the app to use for multi-purposes from personal to business usage. You can quickly get a trackview as the emulators are available online. After reading the article, you might have some questions feel free to comment

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