Tinycam Monitor for PC – Free Download on Windows 10, 8, 7

The tinyCam Monitor is an android app for viewing the live of your private and public network/IP cameras and encoding videos. You don’t need to worry about your children because you can see the activities of your children from your mobile, PC, and Google Wear. 

It has face detection, motion detection, and object detection with its artificial intelligence. It features a tinyCam cloud that helps you to store record videos on any cloud service such as Google Drive, Dropbox, OneCloud. So, install the tinyCam monitor for PC or mobile to track the activities of the area of your camera. 

What Is Tinycam Monitor For Pc

Whether you use a private or public camera, you can easily control them with the tinyCam Monitor app found on Google Play Store or Amazon App Store. Its Artificial object detection system and helps to detect any motion, face, and object and send an alert on your device for security purposes. 

tinycam monitor for pc

You can enjoy its 24/7 subscription-based cloud video service and a cloud storage system help to record the videos in your cloud storage. So, there has no risk of damaging your recorded videos and no installation cost of installing hard drives. You will enjoy the live view for its internal web servers. 

Benefits Of Tinycam Monitor For Pc

For remote surveillance, tinyCam Monitor is the most popular app. You can easily record videos in both public and private networks. It also helps to encode videos of the IP cameras. 

  • The tinyCam monitor has Artificial Intelligence so that you can detect any face, object, and motion. 
  • With its pro version, you can easily record videos and store on the Dropbox, Google Drive, Microsoft OneDrive, download. 
  • The tinyCam Monitor provides 24/7 cloud video service. 
  • Its internal webserver allows you to view live the activities of the camera from any place. 
  • You can cast the video on Amazon Fire TV or Android TV with Chromecast facilities.  

Tinycam Monitor For Pc Apk & Features

2-way Audio

Its two-way audio system can listen and talk simultaneously. This device is also compatible with pan, zoom, and Tilt devices. 

Lan Scanner and motion detection

Its LAN scanner helps to detect cams automatically. It easily discovers all active devices on any subnet. It also helps to detect the motion and so you can get alert in case of moving your car or other important things for which you have set cameras. 

17 different layouts

The number of layouts plays a vital role to get quality videos from the security camera. The tinyCam Monitors

Support TV

You can use tinyCam Monitor in your Tv and so you can view more widely the situation of your desired location. The compatibility of the TV helps you to view the videos more widely. You can cast videos from the mobile to TV through Google CastTm Ready.

Android Wear Support

You don’t need to open mobiles from your pocket to view videos from your IP cameras. Just cast the Android Wear through tinyCam Monitor.

How To Download And Install Tinycam Monitor For Pc (Mac And Windows)

You may sometimes face hassle to use your favorite android apps on PC because of not having app for windows store or Apple App Store. You can easily install any android app on your PC using Android emulator software. Here, we are going to describe the process of downloading and installing tinyCam through emulators.

tinycam monitor for mac

How To Install Tinycam Monitor For Pc Using Bluestack Android Emulator

Bluestack is a versatile android emulator that helps you to use any android apps on PC. Like other apps, you can also install tinyCam Monitor for your mac or PC. 

Step 01: 

Open the browser of your PC and search BlueStack on the search bar of your browser. Download the BlueStack android emulator from the Official site to protect your PC from virus and bugs. 

Step 02: 

Click the downloaded exe. file to install Bluestack on your PC. Read the instructions and allow to install this emulator effectively. 

Step 03:

After downloading and installing tinyCam on your PC, launch it on the PC. Confirm that you have a stable internet connection at the time of downloading the app through the emulator. 

Step 04:

Log in with any Google account before downloading the android app. If you don’t have a Google account, you can also create a Google account on the emulator. 

Step 05: 

Now search tinyCam Monitor on the search bar of the emulator. After appearing on the app, click the install button to install and use a tinyCam monitor on PC. 

How To Install Tinycam Monitor For Pc Using Nox App Emulator

You can also install the tinyCam Monitor on your PC through Nox App Player. This is another popular emulator to download and install any android app on PC. Let’s see the process of downloading and installing tinyCam on your windows and macOS. 

  1. Open any browser from your PC and search the Nox App Emulator. Download the Nox emulator from the official site to avoid viruses and scan the file with good antivirus software. 
  2. Now click on the installation file to install on your PC. It requires a couple of minutes to install. The developer of the Nox emulator suggests to turn off the antivirus at the time of installing. You can enable VT to get better performance. 
  3. After launching on the app on the screen, your first task is to log in on the Google account to download the app of play store. 
  4. Search tinyCam monitor on the app search box. After appearing the tinyCam on screen, you will see the “install” button beneath the app. 
  5. click on the installation button to install on your PC. it will take a couple of minutes to install on the PC depending on the speed of your internet connection. 

Frequently Asked Question

✔ How much is tinyCam pro?

he developers of the tinyCam monitor changes the prices of the subscription fee. It varies from $2 to $3 time to time. Check the official site to know the latest pri

✔ What is tinyCam pro?

The tinyCam Pro is the pro service of the tinyCam Monitor. You will get a lot of extra benefits using tinyCam Pro. 

✔ How to add a camera to tinyCam? 

onnect the camera with HTTP and RTSP ports to access the tiny cameras remotely. From the app, click add camera and select a camera vendor to select the model of your camera. Now, enter hostname or IP address as well as the port number. You can also select DNS URL in the hostname sector. 

Final Thought

TinyCam Monitor is a flagship android app for using any security camera. Using BlueStack or Nox app play, download tinyCam monitor for PC and add your cameras for surveillance. You can monitor baby, pen, weather, business, and home staying in a remote place. 

You will get two version of the tinyCam monitor app. You can download on you mobile from Googe Play and Amazon Appstore. You can use the tinycam monitor for PC or Mac by using Android Emulators. You can use the app without the hassle of ads if you use the pro version of this App. 

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