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Sometimes we use VPN to ensure our safety while browsing the internet. Because there are several issues connected with unsecured internet use. Scammers and hackers are always searching for your credentials details while you access the internet. That is why VPN is used to secure your data. Among the huge collection of VPN, SkyVPN is one of the most popular in the market now.

By using skyvpn for pc, no one can hack or track your credential information. This VPN hides your IP as well as location and provides a fake IP address. With the fake IP, you can unblock geo-restricted content and even access websites that are restricted in your region. Keep reading to know how you can install this app on your Windows device.

Prominent Features of SkyVPN for PC

Now the question is what features come with this VPN when you install this on your computer. Well, among the many features of SkyVPN, we’ve mentioned some of the most prominent ones below. Let’s see what those are.SkyVPN for windows

Unblock Contents:

SkyVPN has more than 3000 VPN servers around the world. These servers enable you to easily bypass geological limitations. With this VPN, you can unblock over 400 streaming services and websites, including Netflix.

Unlimited Data and Bandwidth:

All the servers of this VPN have no data limits and load issues. For this reason, you will get unrestricted speed and bandwidth. So you can easily stream any video without buffering or slow down.

Protect Privacy:

Military-grade encryption and VPN protocols help you to protect your data from hackers and scammers. Moreover, this VPN hides your real IP address and provides a fake one that’s why anyone can’t track your location.

No Log Policy:

SkyVPN doesn’t require any log or registration and keeps any logs of users.  It ensures that your data is safe and you are not being hacked.

Kill Switch and Split Tunneling:

When the data does not move through a server, the kill switch feature assists you in preventing unauthorized internet access. It has the capability to minimize the risk of a cyber attack. Its DNS leak test will always save your data from any third party.

Technical Details of SkyVPN for PC

SkyVPN works on a specific device that meets the minimal requirements. Below we have inserted a table with core details of SkyVPN for PC.

Application NameSkyVPN-Best Free VPN Proxy for Secure WiFi Hotspot
Developer2nd Phone Number & Free VPN Ltd
Supported OSWindows,7,8,10 & Mac (32 Bit, 64 Bit)
File Size10.05 MB
Current Version0.9.20
Latest UpdateFeb 21, 2021
LicenseTrial Version

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Download and Install Procedure of SkyVPN for PC

It is really simple to download and install SkyVPN on your PC and begin using it. If you want to install SkyVPN on your device, you must first download SkyVPN. Here is the step-by-step guideline.SkyVPN for PC

  • First, open any web browser and visit SkyVPN’s official website.
  • Then download this app for your windows.
  • After download, find the downloaded file and install it on your computer.
  • Once installed, you will find the app from the Start Menu of your PC.

Frequently Asked Questions

If you still have any inquiries, check the section below. Here we have provided some commonly asked questions with explanations. This will assist you in solving your issues.

Is SkyVPN Free?

Yes, this VPN is free to use. However, there is a premium version that has all of the advanced features.

Can I Tracked If I Use SkyVPN?

No, your web traffic and IP address can’t be tracked anymore by using this VPN. So without fear, you can use this SuperVPN.

Is SkyVPN Safe to Use?

Since SkyVPN doesn’t keep any user’s browsing history and track your data and personal information. So it is safe to use.


You can secure your online activities and credential information more easily than ever before by using skyvpn for pc. When you install this VPN, you can access the internet anonymously and protect your privacy at all times, including public networks. You can unblock your location barrier with this app too.

Besides, it provides a fast net so you don’t face trouble watching streaming services. We have explained the download procedure of this VPN above. So, install this VPN now and enjoy the freedom of internet browsing. If you suffer any complications to get this VPN, let us know in the comment section.

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