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A few years ago, sharing any data from one device to another took huge times. However, creativity has taken things together and has made getting to them much easier. Send anywhere for pc is such one excellent file-sharing technology that has turned the transfer easily and quickly.

It is a cross-platform of transfer any type of file, including audio, video, and many more. This app is used to transfer data 200 more times fast than Bluetooth. With this app, you can share your files between your PC and other devices without internet connectivity. Here we guide you on how you can download and install Send anywhere on your PC.

Excellent Features of Send Anywhere for PC

Send anywhere is an excellent sharing app that comes with several features. Here we discuss some of them that are most beneficial to us.Send Anywhere for PC

Free File Transfer:

This application makes work short of any kind of file transfer. Unlike other transfer solutions, it doesn’t have any low size limits. With this app, you can transfer up to 50 GB from one device to another at remarkable speeds. Each transfer ends after a set, customizable period.

Cross-Platforms Support:

One of the excellent features of this app is being able to share files from one platform to another. For example, you can send files from your PC browser to your mobile phone. You will also get the PC files on your Mac. You can share documents from your iOS and your Android device. It operates across various platforms, which makes it a very versatile tool.

Secure and encrypted:

When you send any file, you will be concerned about this. Send anywhere keeps your data secure using encryption technology and security protocols. This app uses TLS secure connections and AES encryption on every data transfer. Moreover, it is based in Seoul and follows south Korean laws and regulations.

Direct WiFi file transfers:

With this app, you can send your files through the company’s cloud system or indirectly through WiFi transfers. An extra protection feature is that your files are never transmitted to the internet in the process.

Technical Specification of Send Anywhere for PC

Send anywhere has become one of the top apps category tools. It has got huge popularity for its excellent features. Before install Send Anywhere take a look into its details.

Application Name Send Anywhere (File Transfer)
Developer Estmob Inc.
Category Productivity
Size 95 MB
Requirements Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows 10
Available language English, Japanese, Korean
License Free

How to Download and Install Send Anywhere for PC

Send anywhere is compatible with the various devices, including Android, iOS, Windows, Mac, Linux, and Amazon Kindle. Here in this article, we discuss how you can download Send Anywhere for PC. Let’s follow the steps to get this fantastic application.Send Anywhere for windows

  • Firstly, visit Send anywhere official websites and click the download on the navigation bar.
  • Then, download this application for windows from the Desktop section.
  • After downloading the.exe file, install it on your PC.
  • Once installed, you will be able to run this application.

Popular Alternative to Send Anywhere

In this section, we have listed some popular alternative apps to Send Anywhere. Let’s check which competitors are of this app.


Zapya is the best alternative to Send Anywhere. It is the fastest wireless tool for transferring files to another device. This app works without using any internet connectivity or mobile data. With its easy interface, you can easily share any type of within seconds. It’s totally virus-free and free at any charge.


Xender is another popular alternative to Send Anywhere. It is a file transferring and sharing app that allows users to easily transfer and share files without any trouble. With this app, you can transfer files at speed up to 40Mb/s, which is 200 times to Bluetooth. Share your images, songs, videos, apps, documents, and any other file format of limitless file size.


WeTransfer is also a good alternative to Send Anywhere. It is a cloud-based sharing platform that helps to transfer large files within minutes. The application integrates with social media services such as Facebook, Twitter, and more. With this feature, users can share files across these platforms.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here we have collected some commonly asked questions from the Send anywhere users. We hope you’ll find a solution here.

1.does the Send Anywhere App Need the Internet?

Send Anywhere is a web-based program, so you need an internet connection to upload your files. You also can easily share data without the internet between android devices. the Send Anywhere App Secure for Me?

Yes, it’s absolutely safe to use. All files are secured and stored for protection against external attacks and spills. Stored files are also automatically deleted after expiration. it Sent Anywhere Free to Use?

The Send anywhere app is entirely free. It doesn’t require any subscription plan for regular users. This app is also a premium plan for those who want 1 TB cloud storage.

4.Which Device Supports the Send Anywhere?

Send Anywhere is available for Web app, iOS app, Android app, and chrome. It allows you to securely upload files between your devices, leaving copies on web servers.


Send Anywhere is a very useful file-sharing tool that makes file sharing easy. With this app, anyone can easily share the largest files, including documents, audios, videos, etc. It’s the best file transfer application ever built for Android, PC, and Kindle.

This app has a very intuitive and user-friendly dashboard and features that enable the safe transfer of files and documents online. Its AES 256-bit encryption helps always to protect your data. Above, we mentioned how you could get send anywhere for pc. So, download now and enjoy its excellent features.

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