Security 360 for Pc 2022 | How To Install (Windows 7, 8, 10 And Mac)

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360 Total security is an internet security program developed by Qihoo 360, a Chinese company. It is designed to protect you from malware, computer viruses, and trojan horses. 360 total security works as the protector of your device while shopping or browsing the internet against cybercrime.

It is compatible with both mobile and Windows PC. Its features make it simple, and its performance secures the device by running in the background. 360 total security is free, but it’s premium versions provide more advanced benefits as its tool is made with five different engines. It is best to download security 360 for pc to ensure the security of windows.

Additional Information of 360 Total Security

Apps additional information are the details to follow while downloading security 360 for pc or Mac. Here is the chart of the elements of 360 total security.

Author Qihoo 360 software co limited
License Free
OS Windows
Category Antivirus
Release date July 31, 2020

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Unique Features of 360 Total Security

It offers various features to protect your pc from viruses, Trojans, and other upcoming threats. Those features need just a click to optimize the PC.Security 360 for Pc

Full Check:

You can check your entire computer just with a click. It scans your device’s directories instantly and gives feedback if there are any PC health and safety trouble.

Virus Scan:

It is built with 360 cloud Scan Engine, including QVMII AI Engines, QEX, and Kunpeng. Those engines give you total protection against viruses that detect them instantly.

Speed and Clean:

You can delete the junk files to boost the speed of your system. When it completes clean-up, you can easily choose which areas and folders to erase. It minimizes your boot time and makes it faster.


It contains four types of user-selectable modes: Performance, Balance, Security, and Custom. Every method has a different level of protection from malware, virus attacks, and backdoors

Wifi Security Check:

An internet speed tester analyzes the speed and its device. It explains different aspects of internet connections, including the Routers settings, to ensure the security of the internet.


360 total security has some parts of it, and a sandbox is one of them. Sandbox is an isolated space that protects your systems against the trojan or virus from the running application on the device.

Patch up:

Patch-up is the important toolbox of the 360 total security. When it is activated, it looks for new updates automatically. Its blue icon presents the information of each patch with name, release date, and descriptions.

Downloading Process for Security 360 for PC?

It is straightforward to download security 360 on your pc. You just need an internet connection on the Windows PC, it may be the mobile data or Wifi connection, then follow the steps below:Security 360 for windows

  • Search security 360 for pc on Google, and click to download.
  • Select a folder to save the installer file.
  • When the download completes, open the selected folder, and right-click to install them.
  • Tab on the preferred language and wait to complete the installation process.

It is the same to download security 360 for windows pc. Just check the configuration of the device if compatible or not. After that, apply these simple steps.

What Makes 360 Better Than the Other Antiviruses?

Many antiviruses are available, but 360 total security is unique that makes millions of users since it has started its journey.Security 360 on Pc

  • Compared to Avast and other famous antiviruses, it has a simple interface that looks cleaner than the others.
  • Its menus and icons are organized in a disciplined way that looks more visible.
  • It is hassle-free while using the multi-features of the programs.
  • Compared to AVG, it works more effectively against system crashes and malicious tampering due to ransomware.
  • 360 total security is a lightweight program that doesn’t require too many system resources. That’s why using security 360 for pc is increasing day by day.

Similar Antivirus Apps to the 360 Total Security

Some of the alternatives of 360 Total security are mentioned below. All of them work as antivirus, but some features make them competitors of each other.

Bitdefender Antivirus Free:

Bitdefender is an award-winning antivirus that is powerful enough to fight against malware and viruses. It uses cloud scanning technology to detect viruses. It doesn’t drain the battery while working in the background.

Avg Antivirus 2021- Free Mobile Security:

It works to eliminate the task that slows down the device and makes it run faster. Run a full scan deep inside the programs without costing a single penny. Its features are amazing to secure your PC.

Super Security – Antivirus, App Lock, Virus Cleaner:

It is professional security for the devices as it detects malware and viruses to eliminate them automatically. Primarily super protection provides the app lock features, which is a great way to secure your files and program.


I have mentioned some extra information usually asked by people. You can go through this question and answer section for more knowledge regarding this issue.

Which Is Better Avast or 360 Security?

Avast is compatible with more systems that make it more flexible. Avast works with Windows, Android, iOS, and Mac, while 360 total security works with Windows, Android, and Mac.

Does 360 Total Security Slow Down Computers?

Yes, it is frustrated here as it slows down the boot times. Moreover while transferring the data slows down the computer a lot.

Is 360 Total Security Completely Free?

Yes, it is a free antivirus that offers a unique safety for PC. It works excellent against malware and trojans to protect windows free of cost.

Final Words

360 Total security is an excellent choice as an antivirus. It offers a wide range of advantages with an easy interface. Its free version is enough for personal use. If you are suffering and need an antivirus, just download security 360 for pc to eliminate the issues.

Downloading security 360 for pc windows 10 is not complicated as it is available on its official site. For the protection of your pc, I recommend you download security 360 for windows. At last, I will be happy to assist you if you have any more trouble while downloading security 360 for windows.

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