Download Remix Os Player For Pc [Update 2021] Windows 10, 8, 7

The Remix OS player for pc is considered as one of the best and most advanced Android emulators that let the player have the joy of playing several games at a time.  We all know that Androids were not meant for the PCs. But with the growing expectation of gamers and users, it couldn’t stay within the phones anymore. Remix OS Player has come up as a solution to that.

There are tons of android games that gamers want to have for playing on their PC. Remix OS Player has opened up that opportunity for Windows PCs. With the addition of key mapping tool that includes touch control schemes for Android games, it allows the gamers to have perfect gaming experience using keyboards and Mouse.

Features Of The Remix Os Player

The feature is what makes a good OS the way it is now. This means the acceptability of an OS depends to a huge extent on the features and Remix OS Player contains all the required on as you need. Such as–

Remix OS player for pc

  1. Perfectly compatible with Windows OS.
  2. Easy installation process.
  3. Capable of running multiple games at the same time.
  4. It has a convenient user interface that makes its operation easier.
  5. Stays updated as required for android games.
  6. It allows the user to resize Windows on the basis of their preferences.
  7. The key mapping tool with touch control schemes for using keyboard and mouse smoothly.
  8. Maintaining similarity to Mac OS X, it contains relevant features as icons for folders, apps, etc.
  9. It allows the user to have access to context menus using keyboard shortcuts.

Remix Os Player System Requirements For Pc And Mac

For any of the apps or software, it is important for a PC or Mac to have certain specifications. The same thing goes for Remix OS Player as well.

  • First of all, you are going to need a PC with Windows 7/8/10, Core i3 processor (Core i5 or i7 will be better), 4 GB RAM, and 8 GB Storage.
  • For Mac OS X, you are going to need 8 GB USB storage with a 2.0 flash drive. But Jide recommends the user to use a 3.0 Flash drive that contains a write speed of 20/MB, as 2.0 might cause some issues.

For Mac, choose the 64-bit version as it is more suited for that, and for installing the Remix OS in Mac, download UNetbootin, in case you don’t have installed.

How To Download Remix Os Player For Windows 7,8,10 And Mac Os X

Downloading Remix OS player for PC as easy as downloading any other regular software from the internet. All you need to do is follow some instructions as mentioned below–

Step – 1: Go to the search bar and type “Remix OS Player”.

Step – 2: Go the website with the address

Remix OS player for pc

Step – 3: Click on the download option and the download will get started instantly.

How To Play Remix Os Player Games On Your Pc

After getting the file downloaded, the next step comes up and that is the installation. Let’s check out how to install Remix OS Player in both Windows and Mac.

How To Play Remix Os Player For Windows

Step – 1: First go to the downloaded zip file and get it extracted.

Remix OS player for pc

Step – 2: Click on the ‘Remix_OS-for_PC_Installation_Tool’.

Remix OS player for pc

Step – 3: A box will appear after that and click on the ‘Browser’ option. Go to the folder of the Remix OS that you have extracted. You will see an iso file there. After choosing that, go to the disk, where you want to get the

Remix OS player for pc

Step – 4: Now choose 32GB and click Ok.

Remix OS player for pc

Step – 5: On the installation process, a box will appear as given below. Click on ‘Yes’ there.

Remix OS player for pc

Step – 6: Now turn off the computer and turn it on again. After turning it on, you will see two options on the boot manager. Windows and Remix OS. Choose Remix OS and press Enter.

Step – 7: After the boot is complete, the Remix OS is ready to go.

How To Play Remix Os Player For Mac

Step – 1: Go to the downloaded file and click on it.

Remix OS player for pc

Step -2: Then press command & space and go to the disk utility. In case you are thinking about getting the Remix OS installed in any external drive or USB stick, then you are free to skip this part.

Remix OS player for pc

Step – 3: Now go to your hard drive and click on “Partition”.

Step – 4: You will be seeing a “+” sign there and click on it.

Remix OS player for pc

Step – 5: Give the partition a size of 20 GB. Though you can make it bigger if you want, but 20 GB supposed to be sufficient here. Rename it as you wish, if you find it necessary.

Step – 6: Now choose the format ‘MS – DOS [FAT] and click on ‘Apply’.

Remix OS player for pc

Step – 7: Go to the UNetbootin file and click on it.

Step – 8: After opening it, go to the remixOS.iso file and choose it.

Remix OS player for pc

Step – 9: Now choose your internal partition or USB drive, the one you have installed the Remix OS on.

Remix OS player for pc

Step – 10: After that you will have install rEFInd on your Mac. But before installing it, you will have to disable the System Intergrity Protection on the Mac. For that, turn off your Mac first. As soon as you push the power button, you will have to press command and R for going into the recovery mode.

Step – 11: Go to the ‘Utilities’ and click Terminal’. Then type the command ‘-bash-3.2# csrutil disable and hit enter. After that restart the Mac.

Step – 12: Now go the rEFInd and extract the folder. After that, open ‘Terminal’. After that, open rEFInd folder. Now drag and drop the rEFInd installed file in the terminal. Then hit enter and it will install the rEFInd boot manager on the Mac.

Remix OS player for pc

Step – 13: Now turn off your Mac and start it again. Now you will be seeing some options and choose the one with 3 circles. Then, choose the resident mode and press E. Now you will be seeing some lines and one go to the second line. There, you will see a line with USB_DATA_PARTITION=1 in the end. Rewrite that portion with CREATE_DATAIMG=1 DPI=265. Now, press F10 to continue the boot.

Step – 14: Your Remix OS is ready and operational.

Remix OS player for pc


Remix OS Player For PC has surely changed the world of gamers to a huge extent. It has a convenient operation and eased up installation process that can be done by users of almost any age. Its superiority in the optimization of android gaming makes it easy for users to have quality gaming experience.

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