Poweramp For Pc (Windows 7, 8, 10) Free Download

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If you’re planning to replace your annoying stock music player, Poweramp is the best alternative available in the store. It has the best interface along with the best sound quality compared to any other player. With a built-in equalizer and cover loader, it’s a self-contained player that you can have on your phone or PC.

However, this music player is available on the smartphone app market and doesn’t come for PC ready to go. You can still enjoy high-quality music with Poweramp if you stick to this article. I will show you how you can download and install the Poweramp for PC using simple steps.

What Is Poweramp For Pc

Poweramp is a music player, primarily available on the mobile platform that you can install on your computer. It’s a high-end player that has the best sound quality with full customization with a full-fledge equalizer. With Poweramp on PC, you can download the album cover automatically from its server and save it permanently. Poweramp supports all the popular music formats to play, including the video formats. Most of the other players lack in either music formats or sound quality, but Poweramp performs perfectly in both.

Poweramp for PC

Benefits Of Using Poweramp For Pc

Using Poweramp on your PC will come with so many extra benefits that you cannot expect from any other player. The player is so popular worldwide, and everybody loves it because it can satisfy anybody with these benefits. You will be able to organize the player as you like it, including media folders and music files.

It will allow you to download the music covers from the dedicated server, and you will have multiple choices in that too. The sound mixer of this player is the next level, and it allows you to tweak the sound for studio quality. Its user interface is so engaging and eye-catching that you’ll never be bored as you do with your stock music player.

Poweramp For Pc Apk & Features

To take your music listening experience to a whole new level, the Poweramp for PC offers some advanced features. Here are some of the most beneficial features that you’ll get once you have the Poweramp on your PC:

Format support

Poweramp supports almost any audio music formats, including the most popular video formats to play as audio files.

Playing convenience

You can minimize the player while playing audio files, and it can even minimize while playing video tracks as audio music files.

Audio spectrum

It offers an interactive audio spectrum visualizer on the player screen that mimics the music bits in real-time for each genre.


You’ll get a customizable equalizer that you can tweak for audio files and get the best audio experience and save your custom tweak for later.


The equalizer comes with a list of presets for most of the music genres, so you don’t have to spend time tuning them.

Album cover

It allows you to download the original music album cover and save it permanently along with multiple choices while downloading.

Sleep timer

With Poweramp, you can set a sleep timer if you’re playing it before going to sleep, and it will stop playing on the time you set earlier.

How To Download And Install Poweramp On Your Pc (Mac And Windows)

As the Poweramp is primarily available on the smartphone markets, you have to install an android emulator on your PC to download Poweramp for PC. There are so many emulators available both for Windows and Mac that you can go for, such as Bluestacs, NOX player, MEmu Play, Phoenix OS, etc.

Poweramp for Windows

How To Install Poweramp On Your Pc Using Android Emulator

To download and install the Poweramp for windows, you can choose the Bluestacks android emulator. It’s the best and the most popular emulator available online that allows you to install any android app on your PC. Follow this step by step guide to install the app on your computer:

Step 01: Download the latest version of the Bluestacks android emulator from the official website.

Step 02: Install the emulator from the downloads folder by double-clicking on it press yes if it asks for confirmation.

Step 03: It will take a few minutes to install; after installation, launch the program from the desktop icon.

Step 04: Once opened, click on the Google play store app in Bluestacks and log in to your Google account.

Step 05: Now, search for Poweramp on play store, just like you do on your smartphone, and the result will be on your screen.

Step 06: Click on the first result and install the app on your computer, it will make a launching icon on your desktop.

Step 07: You can now open the Poweramp app from your desktop or the apps list of Bluestacks.

How To Install Poweramp For Mac Using Android Emulator

If you need to download and install the Poweramp for Mac, you can use the Nox app player. Follow this step by step guide mentioned here to install the player on your Apple computer:

Step 01: Download the Nox app player on your Mac, you’ll find the downloaded program on your download manager.

Step 02: Install the Nox player from the downloads, and open it up from the desktop shortcut icon.

Step 03: Click on the My Apps folder and open the Play store app to log in to your Google account.

Step 04: Search for the Poweramp music player and you will get it from the first search result.

Step 05: Click on the install button and it will start installing the player on your Mac and add a shortcut button as well.

Step 06: Click on the shortcut to launch the app, put in your key, and start using the best music player on your Mac.

Upcoming 2021 Features

The all-new Poweramp v3 comes with some new major features, such as:

  1. Poweramp now supports the internal 64-bit processing for audio output.
  2. It has some new User Interfaces with different visualizers and spectrums.
  3. The navigation system is now improved with more gestures and features.
  4. You’ll get more file format support including opus, mka, dsf, dff, and so on.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some of the most frequently asked questions about Poweramp for PC:

✔ How do I enable visualization on Poweramp?

Click on the first button on the left side of the screen, under the cover photo.

✔ How do I tweak the seek bar, title bar?

Go to the settings and click on the look and feel option, and you’ll get the options in one place.

✔ Why are my songs missing in Poweramp?

Go to the Poweramp settings and click on the music folders under the library option to add them.

✔ Why are Poweramp basses distorting over Bluetooth?

To review this problem, go to the audio settings and tweak the Direct Volume control settings.

✔ Do I need to purchase the Poweramp v3 if I have purchased V2?

No, you don’t have to pay again for the V3 if you already purchased the older version.

Final Thought

Poweramp for PC is indeed the best music player app in terms of audio quality and User interface. It comes with so many advanced features that you can rely on it for any kind of media that you have to play. Regardless of Audio or video file, it can play both types in audio form and minimize as well.

Installing this excellent music player doesn’t have any head-spinning process that you need to be afraid of. After downloading and installing the player, install the full version unlocker, and use your key if you want to continue with it after the trial ends.

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