How To Download Pleco For Pc [windows 10, 8, 7]

Are you interested to learn the Chinese word?  Install Pleco for PC to learn the Chinese language or words from your computer. This is basically a Chinese dictionary that you can use on your android device. But, with emulator software, you can also install Pleco for windows.

There are lots of languages available in the world. Several countries have several languages. The Chinese language also has so many categories. But this app has basic words for beginners. If you want to learn the language by yourself, you can install the app Pleco on your PC.

Why Choose Pleco for PC

You may not be able to learn the whole language by using the Pleco dictionary app. But you will be able to learn the basic words for communicating through the Chinese language. This app also helps you to listen to the pronunciation. So, you can properly say the word after learning it.

Pleco for PC

The pleco app has two languages English and Chinese, so the user will easily understand what they are learning. This is one of the famous apps for those who want to learn about Chinese words. This app also gives you the opportunity to use the app anonymously.

Benefits Of Using Pleco For PC

Installing Pleco on your device has some great benefits. Some important benefits are given below.

  • You will get the exact pronunciation on this app.
  • The learning process is easy and some times you will find the details.
  • The app offers two features in one app. It has voice recognition as well as handwriting capabilities.
  • You can make a flashcard from this app. When you are offline you can use those cards.
  • This app has an optical character recognizer. This option helps you to decode any characters by scanning through the cameras.

Pleco for PC APK & Features

This dictionary is popular for its exclusive features. A short discussion on features is given below.

Two in One:

The Pleco dictionary is a two in one app. You can not only learn the Chinese language but also give you proper pronunciation through the audio.

Optical Character Recognizer (OCR):

In the Pleco app, you will find the OCR option. This option helps you to translate any Chinese word from any packages, books, or any other places through a camera. It works like a scanning machine.

Flash Card:

The app gives you an opportunity to make the flashcard on the app. So, if you are going offline, you can use the flashcard to learn the language.

How to Download and install Pleco on your PC

Pleco is a dictionary app that can be download on an android device from the play store very easily. But, to download Pleco for PC you need to use an emulator software. This software will help you to download and install any android app on your PC. Here we will show you the installation process on two different devices.

Pleco for Windows

How to install Pleco for PC using Android emulator

To install Pleco on your PC you can use the Bluestacks or MEmu emulator software. By using this software, the installation steps are described here.

Step 1- Download the Bluestacks or MEmu from the website and install it on your device.

Step 2- After installing the software launch it by signing up with an email ID.

Step 3- Go to the google play store from the software and search for the Pleco.

Step 4- From other android apps, choose the Pleco app and select it.

Step 5- Click the install button and wait for some time to install it on your device.

Step 6- By accepting the term now you can open the Pleco app on your laptop or PC.

How To Install Pleco For Mac Using Android Emulator

The pleco is a learning app that can also be installed on Mac devices. To install Pleco for Mac you can pick up the Bluestacks or Nox Player. And the process is.

  • Install the Bluestacks or Nox player after downloading it from the website.
  • Sign up the software with an email ID and launch it.
  • Go to the apple store from the software and search for the Pleco app.
  • You will see related apps including Pleco on your screen.
  • Select the app and click on the button to install.
  • The process will take some time and then you can open it from your device.
Download Pleco

Frequently Asked Questions

✔ What is Pleco?

Pleco is a Chinese dictionary app that helps you to learn the Chinese language with the actual sound of their language.

✔ Can I download the pleco for an android device?

Yes, you can download the Pleco app for your android device.

✔ Is Pleco is free to use?

The pleco app is absolutely free for the users.

✔ Is it enough to learn Chinese through Pleco?

You may learn basic words and language by following this pleco app. But it is impossible to learn the whole language from the dictionary. But, the Pleco app will help you with basic language.

✔ Are there paid add-ons option of Pleco?

Yes, there are many options available inside the pleco app for paid add-ons. The rate starts from 4.99GBP.

Final Word

Learning a language from the dictionary is not a proper way. By installing Pleco for PC you may learn about lots of Chinese words, but it will be difficult if you try to make a sentence by connecting those words. But, you will gather knowledge from this app.

Every different country has its own style to talk with their language. So, if you try talking on this language it will be a little bit tough for you. But, don’t worry about communicating and know about their culture or anything else, this dictionary will help you a lot. 

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