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Capturing photos with the built-in camera can make your photo dull and boring. Now we hardly use our set-camera to capture photos becasue of some amusing typography and photo editing apps. Phonto for PC will help you to add your favorite fonts over the photo, change the color of fonts more accurately. 

You can add fonts over your photos in different styles. Downloading Phonto on mobile or PC allows you to add fonts over photos, change the background of the text, resize the fonts. You can also rotate the fonts in any direction. 

Why Choose Phonto for pc

You can easily download, install, and use the Phonto app on android and IOS based smartphones. But here we are going to describe the process of downloading, installing, and using Phonto for PC. If you are a professional photo typographer, you must install Phonto on Mac or Windows-based PC for perfect precision. 

Phonto for pc

Using phonto will allow you to add fonts on the photo, resize the size of the fonts, and change the color of the text. You will get a wider screen at the time of using Phonto on PC. So, you can easily edit your photo with great perfection.

Benefits Of Using Phonto For Pc

If you are looking a great typography app for your PC, Phonto may be your first choice. You can add text to decorate any photo. Phonto app makes your photo attractive and remarkable. 

  • With it lots of attractive features, you can make your photo meaningful and attractive. 
  • You can add more than 200 fonts to add text on the photo in your preferred style. 
  • Phonto allows you to change the size and color of the text and change the text-shadow. 
  • You can easily rotate the text in any direction. 
  • The updated user-interface is simple and easy to use. 

Phonto for pc APK and Features

Phonto is one of the most popular typography app on Google Play Store. You can easily add fonts on the photos, change the color and size of the text, and rotate the text in any direction. Some unique features of the Phonto are given bellow. 

More fonts:

The more fonts you get on the typography app, the more you can make your photo. Phonto has more than 200 fonts now and the developers of this app is adding more fonts in evey updation. 

Change the size and color of fonts:

We use our photos for different purposes and so we need to focus on the different fonts at the time of editing the photos. You can impress your friends and your business audience by changing the size and color of the fonts of the Phonto.

Rotate text:

We capture photos in different angles and so we need to rotate fonts in accordance with the angle of the photos. The ability of the rotating of the fonts help you to make your photo attractive. 

Change Fonts’ Background Color:

Sometimes, we can’t upload our favorite photo on our social media for the dull background. Don’t worry because you can change the text’s background and background of the picture with Phonto. 

Change the letter and line Spacing:

The ability of the letter and line spacing make the text more clear and attractive to your audience. You can use Phonto as a marketing tool 

How To Download And Install Phonto For Pc (Mac And Windows)

Donlowing and installing Phonto on mac or PC, you will be able to edit photos more effectively. So, first of all, download app with android emulators. Here I am going to describe two popular ways to use android app on PC. 

Phonto for mac

How To Install Phonto For Pc Using Bluestack Android Emulator

Step 1: 

To use Phonto for PC, you need to download BlueStack. Visit the official site of the BlueStack to get the virus and malware-free file. 

Step 2: 

After downloading the file from the official site, open the folder and click on the .exe file to install on the windows.

Step 3: 

After installing on your PC, you need to launch on your PC. At this stage, you need to add your Google Account in BlueStack. If you are using an Android app, you can use your existing Google Account. You need to create a new Google account if you are using an iPhone. 

Step 4: 

Search “Phonto” on the search bar of the BlueStack’s app box. After some moment, you will see the app on the screen of the PC. 

Step 5: 

Click on the “Install” button to install on your PC. You need to wait some time for fully installing on the PC. You will get a notification alert after installing “Phonto” on PC. 

How To Install Phonto For Pc Using Nox App Emulator

Like other emulators, you can also install any android app on PC with Nox App Emulator. If you want to use an Android app without facing any hassle, you should use this emulator regardless of the operating system of your PC. 

  1. Visit the official site of the Nox App player and click on the download section. If you are using windows based PC, you need to check the compatibility of App. Choose the downloading file depending on the configuration of your PC. 
  2. After downloading the file from the official site, open the folder and click on .exe file to install on your pc. 
  3. Now, create a new Google account in case of using iPhones or use user name and password of your existing Google account. 
  4. Search “Phonto” on the search box of the app store inside the Nox Emulator. 
  5. Click on the install button in the same way you install on your phone. 

Frequently Asked Questions

✔ How do I download Phonto to my computer?

ou will get Phonto on Play Store and App Store now. To download Phonto to your Computer, you need to use android emulators such as BlueStack or Nox App Player. 

✔ What is Phonto?

The Phonto is a one kind of typography app that facilitates you to add fonts, chage the color and size of the fonts. 

✔ How do I use Phonto?

irstly select photos from galary and choose your favorite font. Now change the size and color of the fonts. At last, export you photos.  

✔ Does Phonto work on Android?

honto is available on the Google Play Store and so you can easily download and use Phonto on your Android. 

✔ How do you edit text on Phonto?

Select your fonts and drop over photos. Now select your favorite color matching the color of the photos. You can also give any shape of the fonts. 

Final Thought

I think you have already fixed your mind to download and install Phonto on your PC because of its versatile usability. Very few typography apps have the features to edit texts in many ways. If you want to add your favorite fonts, you can easily add them on the library of the Phonto. 

Less space on between the line makes the texts over photos unattractive. Phonto has line spacing features so that you can easily change letter and line spacing. You can make your text mesmerizing by changing text-shadow. 

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