Install Pathbuilder For Pc (Windows 7,8,10 And Mac)

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Pathbuilder for pc is the most popular app as a PFRPG character builder, both for the first and second edition. It allows you to plan your classes, archetypes, feats, and specials from the menus and pre-generated lists.

With a simple UI, you can plan and build your own characters easily with great efficiency. It’s free to use on your smartphone devices, and you can use it on your PC as well with some steps. In this article, I’ll show you how you can use your favorite Pathbuilder on your PC.

Why Choose Pathbuilder For Pc?

The reason why you should choose the Pathbuilder on your pc is that it’s the simplest way to plan your PFRPG characters. With an interactive global community, you can share your planned characters with the others who’re doing the same. You can access all the feats, archetypes, and classes right on the menu bar with the Pathbuilder app.

Pathbuilder for pc

Benefits Of Using Pathbuilder

Using the Pathbuilder on pc will come with some special benefits that you can take advantage of having it for PFRPG, such as:

  • It’s the fastest and the easiest way to build your character for the PFRPG without having any third party content.
  • The custom user interfaces of the Pathbuilder app will help you organize your workflow as your wish.
  • You will get extra benefits with its added chronicles of legends and different misc fixes on the app.

Pathbuilder Apk & Features

Once you have the Pathbuilder for PC apk installed, you will get these highly anticipated features to get an amazing character-building experience:

Custom interphase

The custom interphase of the Pathbuilder app runs very fast and helps you build the character efficiently.

Summoner spellcasting

It comes with the attached summoner spellcasting feature, which helps you accelerate the process.

Chronicles of legends

You’ll get different types of misc fixes while building along with the added chronicles of legends with the Pathbuilder.

Custom weapons

You can add custom weapons like races and also add armors with some easy processes with this app.

Feats and archetypes

It will allow you to access the feats and archetypes right on the menu bar of this application.

How To Download And Install Pathbuilder On Your Pc (Mac And Windows)

Pathbuilder app doesn’t come with an installer file that can be compatible with the computer version. You have to use an android emulator to do the job, such as the NOX app player, Bluestacks, Gameloop, and so on. I will show you how to download Pathbuilder for pc whether you’re using Windows or Mac.

Pathbuilder for Windows

How To Install Pathbuilder For Pc Using Android Emulator

Let’s use the Bluestacks emulator to install the Pathbuilder for windows as it’s the most popular emulator out there. Here are the most using these steps:

Step 01: To install the Bluestacks emulator, download it first, it will download on your downloads folder.

Step 02: Double click on the installation file and press the Yes button to allow the installation on your PC.

Step 03: Open the Bluestacks app from your desktop which has been added after the installation is done.

Step 04: Now click on the Play Store app from the bluestacks app and log in to your Google account.

Step 05: Click on the search bar and type in the name of the app, Pathbuilder and the result will show you the app.

Step 06: You’ll see a button under the first result, named Install; click on it, and the installation will start.

Step 07: Once the app completes the installation, you can find it on the apps list on Bluestacks from where you can launch it.

How To Install Pathbuilder For Pc For Mac Using Android Emulator

You can download and install the Pathbuilder for Mac as well if you’re a Mac user. Here is a step by step guide on how you can install the Pathbuilder using the NOX app player android emulator:

Step 01: First off, you have to download the NOX app player on your Mac, you will find the installation file on the download manager.

Step 02: Go ahead and double click on the installation file, allow the installation, it will take a few minutes.

Step 03: Now, open the NOX app player from the desktop, and you’ll see a folder called My Apps, click on it.

Step 04: You will see the Play store app here, click on it, and log in to your Google account from here.

Step 05: Now click on the search bar, type in the Pathbuilder app name, and search to find it on the Play store.

Step 06: Click on the first search result where it shows the app, then click on the install button to start the installation.

Step 07: It will add a shortcut button on the home screen for the app which you can use for launching it and use it.

Upcoming 2021 Features

Here are the features that are newly added to the Pathbuilder app in 2021 that you might have been looking for:

  1. Adding custom weapons, armor, and races have more special options in the app.
  2. The interface of the in-app interface is more customizable with the Pathbuilder app now.
  3. For custom PFRPG character planning, it has more custom options that you can use conveniently.
  4. There are now even more chronicles and legends along with the summoner spellcasting.
Download Pathbuilder

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some of the most frequently asked questions about Pathbuilder that you might have an interest in:

✔ Can I make custom classes with Pathbuilder?

Yes, you can make custom races, equipment, weapons, armors, and so on.

✔ Is custom spells are available in the Pathbuilder app?

Yes, making and customizing spells on Pathbuilder is now enabled to use.

✔ What license does Pathbuilder use?

The Pathbuilder app uses the Open Game License without using any PFRPG products.

✔ What bonuses get added to the build?

The bonuses are unconditional on the Pathbuilder; you can get +2 perception with the race.

✔ Who develops Pathbuilder?

The Pathbuilder programmer from the Pathbuilder community websites has developed the program.

Final Thought

If you have the Pathbuilder for PC installed on your computer, customizing and developing PFRPG characters gets way easier. You can develop and customize each of the parts, including weapons, races, armors, even spells.

While developing the characters, Pathbuilders don’t include any third-party content and assets. So, you can get the whole customization on your own, and the app is completely free for use. As long as you can imply your skills, it will give you extra points and perceptions.

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