Monster vpn for pc Review – On Your PC Using BlueStacks

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In recent days, people are concerned about their privacy and security to the online browsing, especially when they are doing any online shopping or payment. That is where vpn comes to help the user. Among the thousands of vpn, monster vpn creates its place as a trustable vpn.

Monster vpn for pc is one of the most popular vpn in the market right now. It is a Russian based vpn service that comes into the market to provide privacy and security to the user. This vpn is fast, easy to use, and offers almost all the features anyone can expect from a vpn.

Why Choose Monster vpn for pc

The main reason people use vpn is privacy and security, especially when you are connected in a public Wifi network. That is what Monster vpn on your pc offers you. It allows you anonymously browse and use internet and prevent hackers to hack your information.

Monster vpn for pc

As a result, you can do secure online shopping and transaction all the time. At the same time, you can use all the sites that are blocked due to your location. That means you can play all those games you wish to and watch many streaming easily. So overall, you can enjoy the freedom of internet with this vpn.

Benefits of using monster vpn For PC

  • Among those thousands of vpn, why will you choose the monster vpn? It should provide you some benefits, right? Well, monster vpn offers you a lot of benefits. Amid those many benefits, here are a few for you.
  • It unblock all the blocked websites and apps, meaning that you can download and use all those games, apps, and websites such as Netflix, torrent, and others blocked due to your location.
  • This vpn will protect your personal and credential information you provide in online shopping and transaction.
  • You can anonymously and securely browse internet even in the Public wifi network without being tracked.
  • It Encrypts data by using the OpenVPN protocols so that no hacker can steal your credential information.
  • You will have fast online browsing and downloading since it offers a fast and secure browsing at the same time.

Monster vpn For PC APK & Features:

You can get a lot of features when using the monster vpn for pc. Here are some main features of monster vpn you can get.

Anonymous connection

You can anonymously browse internet even in the public wifi without being tracked all the time.

Privacy protection

Since this vpn does not keeps your log, you can be assured that your all the private information and activity log are secured and protected.


This vpn uses OpenVPN protocols to Encrypt data that ensures that you will get high security while surfing online.

Unblock websites

If you are restricted to use websites or games due to your IP or country location, this vpn will help you unblock those websites and play those games.

Fast browsing

Unlike most of the vpns, this one ensures fast and secure browsing so that you can enjoy streaming service and download everything fast.

How to Download and Install Monster vpn on your PC (Mac and Windows)

As you can see, you will get many features and benefits from this vpn. But how can you download monster vpn for pc as it is designed for mobile? Well, there is a pretty simple way to download monster vpn for pc 32bit or 64 bit. Here is the process.

Monster vpn for mac

How to install Monster vpn For PC Using Android Emulator

Are you a windows user? Well, you can easily download monster vpn for windows. To download the monster vpn for pc windows 10 or others, follow the process.

Step 01: First of all, download any android stimulator such as Android Studio’s emulator, Bluestacks, Nox, or others on your pc. Search on Google by Bluestacks and you will find the website at first. Go there and download it.

Step 02: You will find download option on the home page. Click download option and it will be downloading within a minute. Now find the downloaded software on your pc and double click on it.  It may ask your permission to install the stimulator. Click yes to give permission. It will be installed soon.

Step 03: Open the stimulator from your pc and you will see the play store app on the screen.

Step 4: Click the Google play app to open it. Here, you have to provide your Gmail access to get access play store. Now search for Monster vpn on the search box.

Step 5: You will see the app at first. Click install button to install it. It will take a while to be installed. Wait and it will be installed.

Step 6: The app will show on the home screen of the stimulator. Click and open the app and connect to any server.


How to install Monster vpn For Mac Using Android Emulator

You can download the monster vpn for mac as well. It is simple as it is on the windows pc. All you need to do is to follow the process I am going to mention below.

Step 01:  Similar to the windows pc, download any android stimulator such as Bluestacks, Nox, Genymotion or others.

Step 02: Find the downloaded software on your mac and double click to install the app. It will ask for your permission, click access/yes to give permission. It will be installed soon.

Step 03: Now open the stimulator app and you will see play store app on the home screen. Click the Play store app to open.

Step 4: Here you need to provide your Gmail id access to access play store. Give your username and password to open play store. Now search for Monster vpn.

Step 5: The app will come into the first on the search result. Click the app and you will see an Install option there. Click there to install it. It may take a while to be installed. Wait for a while.

Step 6: After installing the app, find the app on the home screen of the stimulator and click there to open the app. Then connect the app to any server. You are done.


Isn’t it simple to download and install monster vpn on pc?

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have any more questions? Check out the frequently asked questions.

✔ Is monster vpn free?

Yes, it is a free vpn. However, there is a paid version were you will get all the premium features to enjoy the freedom of internet.

✔ Which is the best free VPN for PC?

It depends actually. If you are looking for a free vpn, you can get some quality vpn and if you need premium features, you can get paid vpn for best support.

✔ How can I download monster VPN to my PC?

In this era of technology, you can do everything. Even you can use monster vpn on your pc by using any android stimulator.

✔ Does monster vpn support on windows?

Yes, monster vpn supports on windows. You can use it on windows 7,8,9, and 10 easily.

✔ Is monster vpn safe?

Since monster vpn does not track your data and private information, it is safe.

Final thought

In this cybercrime era, you should always be secured and protected online. For that, using a vpn is must for you, especially when you are using public network. That is why we have reviewed a reat vpn named monster vpn.

Monster vpn for pc is an excellent vpn you can use on your windows and mac pc. It offers you secure and fast browsing while ensures your privacy as well. As a result, no one can track you when you are surfing on the internet.

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