MobilePatrol for PC (Latest Version 2022) – Download In Windows & Mac

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Is it possible to get all the safety news from your area? Well, you can not get all the information about your neighborhood from newspapers or TV news. MobilePatrol for PC gives you such an opportunity to get all essential information about your neighborhood.

Mobile Patrol is like all in one social app where you will get safety updates about your area. It will also provide you with various news and also alert you about any critical situation surrounding you. This app will also allow you to access public records and check criminal information. Through MobilePatrol, you can also check any area’s safety or security update before going there.

MobilePatrol For PC Apk & Features

You may already understand how to use MobilePatrol to keep yourself and your loved ones safe. It is like a public safety app, it obviously has many essential features. In this section, you will see what features Mobile Patrol contains.

MobilePatrol for PC

Security Information:

The key feature of MobilePatrol is, it will send you safety information no matter where you are. You have to set the location near you or the person you loved. MobilePatrol will provide safety information from public agencies.

Alerts System:

Another thing is it will provide you various types of alerts about your neighborhoods. The alert could be about to arrest any criminal, sex offender, or much more things. You can quickly check any safety information or alerts through this app’s newsfeed.

Get Criminal Record:

Through MobilePatrol, you can quickly get anyone’s criminal record. It will help you to find criminals’ identification. MobilePatrol gives you access to public records, so you can see which person is in which prison.

Find Location:

Just a zip-code will help you to reach the exact location through MobilePatrol. It is one of the easy and quickest ways to find a location. You don’t need to search the whole area, just by entering the zip-code, you can easily reach your location.

Missing Report:

By using this app, you can also contribute to your community’s safety. Here you can share crime tips, traffic alerts, even about fallen trees. If any children are missing from your area, MobilePatrol will let you know about it. So the MobilePatrol app will ensure the maximum safety of your community.

MobilePatrol App Detail

The MobilePatrol app is very simple to use because of its simple interface. So anybody can use it to ensure their family’s safety. In this session, we will describe the core detail of the MobilePatrol app.

App Name MobilePatrol
App Size 7.5 MB
Latest version 5.5.5
Requires Android 5.0 and Up
License Type Free

How To Install MobilePatrol for Windows and Mac

You can set or install the MobilePatrol app on your phone because it is an android app. But if you want to use MobilePatrol on your PC, then you have to use emulator software. You will find many emulator software, such as NoxPlayer, BlueStacks, MEMu, Remix OS Player.

MobilePatrol for windows

All of the emulators will allow you to download MobilePatrol for PC. Here we will guide you on how you can install MobilePatrol for windows or Mac by using the MEmu emulator. Keep reading; we will show you the whole process step by step.

Step  1-   First, download the MEmu emulator from its official or authorized website.

Step  2-   Then run it and wait some time for the installation process.

Step  3-   After completing the installation process, now open the MEmu emulator.

Step  4-  Then find out the play store & open the play store with an email and password.

Step  5-   Write MobilePatrol on the play store’s search bar.

Step  6-    Wait to complete the installation process and then run it on your PC.

MobilePatrol Alternative Apps for Windows/ Mac

You will find many safety apps in the play store, and MobilePatrol is one of them. All of them will offer you different functions and features. Below we will show you some alternative apps of MobilePatrol for PC.

PubSafe Public Safety Help Network:

It is an that helps people and animals through real-time information. The PubSafe app provides us safety news and helps to save lives, pets, property.

Public Safety:

It is an app where you can get any kind of incident that happened to you or you saw. Through it, you can also be content with relatives or friends and can send your exact location.

Carelife – Personal Safety App:

Carelife is a kind of personal safety app. During emergencies, it will ensure the safety of you and your loved ones. Its offline location tracking system makes it more unique.

Frequently Asked Questions

As we said, it is a safety app installed by more than six million people. It is like a public protection app because it provides us safety alerts. Well, here are some questions asked by users, and our professionals answered them. Check the answers, it may also clear your thoughts about the app.

What Is MobilePatrol?

MobilePatrol is a safety app, and it will provide you safety information or news for the place you care about.

Can I Use MobilePatrol on Pc?

By using emulator software, you can easily use MobilePatrol for PC windows 10 or Mac.

Does MobilePatrol Give Us Real Safety Information?

Once you installed the MobilePatrol app, it will provide you news, critical alerts, and safety information about your area.

Final Thoughts

It’s essential to know what is going on around you to keep you and your family safe. By using MobilePatrol for PC, you will get safety information, news, or even security alerts about what is happening around you.

MobilePatrol is a safety app with an excellent technology system, which will allow you to post or add any safety report. When you will install Mobile Patrol for mac or windows through an emulator, it will also help you to get in touch with law enforcement agencies.

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