Memu Android Emulator For Pc (2022 Latest) Windows And Mac

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MEmu Android Emulator is an excellent app to make our dream to play an android game on our pc and mac full filled. We often wish if we could play such mind-blowing android games on our pc or mac. With the help of the MEmu Android Emulator for pc, you can now make your dream reality.

Along with the games, you can use Facebook, Instagram, messengers, and lots of other popular apps with this application. Using and installing the MEmu Android Emulator is extremely easy and simple. However, you need to have some certain requirements to use this application successfully on your pc or mac.

Features of Memu Android Emulator

You will get a lot of features from MEmu Android Emulator including

MEmu Android Emulator for pc

  • Offers full android experience in your pc
  • Allows customization of CPU, device model, resolution, memory size, root model, and others.
  • You can share files between android and pc
  • Mapping the joystick and keyboard to screen touch to offer an even better gaming experience
  • Features passing through sensor data to let you play car racing game
  • Offers GPS location stimulation
  • Simple one-click android deleting, cloning, and creation of an android system to offer running multiple android instances simultaneously.
  • Fast apk download and installation by drag and drop facilities.

Memu Android Emulator System Requirements For Pc And Mac

As I said, your pc must have these following requirements to run MEmu Android Emulator on your pc. Without these requirements, you cannot get the MEmu Android Emulator for pc.

  • You need to have 32 or 64 bit (Intel or AMD CPU) Processor and a minimum of the operating system installed on your pc. Below that processor or operating system, you cannot install and use the app.
  • Along with that, you need to have Windows DirectX 11 or Graphic driver along with the OpenGL 2.0 in your pc.
  • Hardware Virtualization Technology should be enabled in the BIOS section.
  • A minimum of 2GB of system memory is required to have this app installed in your pc. However, to get the best result, you need more system memory.

Besides, you need a minimum of 2GB of hard disk free space in your pc to run this app. Similar to the system memory, the more free space you have in your hard disc, the better performance you have.

Recommended Specification:

To get the best performance, here is the recommended specification for you. Make sure you have it to enjoy the best experience. Of course, you can use it at a minimum requirement as well.

  • You CPU should be at least Intel i5-8400
  • The RAM size should be 16GB
  • Your Graphic need to be minimum of Nvidia GeForce GTX 1050 quality
  • Operating System Windows 10 will be perfect for MEmu Android Emulator.


You should not run the MEmu Android Emulator in any other virtual machine software. You should update your graphic driver if it has a problem with compatibility.

How To Download Memu Android For Windows 7,8,10 And Mac Os X

Downloading the MEmu App Player for pc is extremely easy. You can follow the simple steps I am going to mention to download and install the MEmu App Player.

MEmu Android Emulator for pc

  • You will see a bluish download button on the main page as shown in the picture. It will start downloading.

Memu Android Emulator For Pc (2022 Latest) Windows And Mac 1

  • After the downloading is done, click on the downloaded file. A window will pop up having an install button as shown in the picture.
  • Click the install button and it will start installing. It will take a moment to be installed.

Memu Android Emulator For Pc (2022 Latest) Windows And Mac 2

  • After that, you will see a launch button. Click here to launch the application.

Memu Android Emulator For Pc (2022 Latest) Windows And Mac 3

You are done.

How To Play Memu Android Games On Your Pc

Playing MEmu Android Games On Your PC was never easier than now. You need to follow 2 steps to play the games.

  • Launch the MEmu Android Emulator app and find the Google Play store app.

Memu Android Emulator For Pc (2022 Latest) Windows And Mac 4

  • Log in to your Google Play and search for desired games. Install and enjoy.


As you can see, installing and using MEmu Android Emulator for pc is not that difficult task. Even if you are doing it for the first time, you can do it as well. Playing all the super exciting android games on your pc or mac is super easy now with the help of the MEmu Android Emulator.

Finally, the MEmu Android Emulator is developed to provide you the experience of android games on your pc. You can simply download and install all the games such as racing games, puzzle games, fighting games, and all other popular games. So download it now and enjoy it.

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