Free Download LocalCast for PC (Windows 7, 8, 10 And Mac)

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Do you ever think you can watch your TV from your device even you are not in front of the TV? Well, LocalCast for PC gives you such an opportunity. Now you can watch TV news, movies, music, etc. from this app. Also, you can send photos while playing the video.

This app makes life easy. You just install the app on your device and enjoy watching LocalCast for windows. You can also use this app to send photos, videos, google drive files, dropbox documents, etc. By using this app, you can control almost every TV from your device.

What Is Localcast For Pc

Are you looking for an app, from where you can control your Tv settings? Then LocalCast is just the perfect app for you. The LocalCast on PC is a local streaming site. By using this app, you can watch movies, shows, tv news, etc.

LocalCast for PC

This is one of the best casting solution apps for users. This is one of the best video players streaming apps that give you permission to send all videos, photos, files, dropbox files, google drive files, etc. very easily. The LocalCast has a graphic style and it is fully functional. The interface of this app is the folder scan.

Benefits Of Using Localcast For Pc

As the Local Cast is a streaming site video player, the obvious reason there are so many benefits available;e for the users. Have a look at some important benefits of the LocalCast app.

  • You can use this app without any cable. The app supports wi-fi or wireless connection.
  • This app has a subtitle option to understand the videos quickly.
  • In this app, Kodi integration can be enabled easily.
  • You can connect with other apps while using LocalCast.
  • This app allows phone calls while playing videos.
  • This app supports multiple formats and codes for other devices.
  • The LocalCast app supports almost every Tv and android devices to use.

Localcast For Pc Apk & Features

Already you see the benefits of using the LocalLast on your device. Now here we will show you the most important features and how it works. Some features of LocalCast for your PC.

Broadcast Music:

This app helps to broadcast the music from your local tv channel. As you can use this app as a video player, you can play the songs whenever you want. When you set up the app, the album of the music will show on your screen. Select the music and enjoy.

Send Photos:

With this LocalCast app on your PC, you can send the photos through this app to your TV. You can use the Nexus player and play with a picture on the screen.


While playing a video with the help of a video player, you need to add subtitles. This app helps you to add subtitles while watching movies or any documentaries from TV. You can set as default so that when playing it will automatically adjust.

Download And Install Localcast On Your Pc [Windows and Mac]

LocalCast app is easily set and works on an android device. But, if you want that app on your PC, then use emulator software. The emulator software helps to download any android app on your PC or Mac devices. The whole process is shown in this article step by step. You can follow the process to download and install LocalCast for your PC windows 10.

LocalCast for Windows

How To Install Localcast For Pc Using Android Emulator

To install LocalCast on your PC you can pick up Bluestacks or Nox Player emulator software. You can easily download emulators on your device and this software helps to download the app from the play store. There we will show you step by step process of installing the LocalCast on your PC.

Step 1- At first, open the browser and write the emulator software official website on the search bar.

Step 2- Download the Bluestacks or Nox player from its official website and install it on your device after downloading it.

Step 3- The installation process of emulators may require an email ID including a password to launch the software.

Step 4- After opening the software search for the google play store. Google play store is the source of all android apps.

Step 5- Write the name of the app LocalCast and enter the button.

Step 6- Lots of related apps will show on your screen. Select the LocalCast for your device and click to install.

Step 7- The app will take time to install. Now, you can open the app by double-clicking on the icon and use it whenever you needed.

How To Install Localcast For Mac Using Android Emulator

The LocalCast gives you the opportunity to install it for Mac by using the Bluestacks or MEmu emulator software. This software is strong and offers good services for the devices. Below, we will present the process of installing the LocalCast for Mac. Follow the process.

  • Download the Bluestacks or MEmu from their official websites and hit the install button to install it on your device.
  • Wait for some time to install and then open with an email ID and password. This ID will save your important data and file as storage.
  • Now, go for the Apple store and search for the LocalCast app that you want to download on your device.
  • Select the app after searching it from the Apple store and start the installation process
  • After some time, the app will install on your device. Now you can open the app and use it from your Mac device.

Frequently Asked Questions

✔ What is LocalCast?

LocalCast is a streaming app to watch all videos, movies, news, etc on your device. Now, you can connect the local TV with this app and watch the local news, tv shows, etc. from your device.

✔ What is the Best app for Cast?

There are so many apps available for the cast. But, for the best app, you can pick up LocalCast.

✔ Is the LocalCast is free?

Yes, the LocalCast is absolutely free and you can find out the app on google play store.

✔ Do you need a VPN to use LocalCast?

No, you don’t need to use a VPN app to use or download LocalCast for your device.

✔ Is it possible to use LocalCast on PC?

Yes, by using an emulator software like Bluestacks or Nox Player it is possible to use LocalCast on PC.

Final Thought

Nowadays everything is so easy than before. By using the LocalCast for PC you are really capable to watch movies, TV shows, or news from your device. It’s impossible to carry a TV with you. But you can carry your gadgets. Install the Local Cast on your PC or Mac and get unlimited benefits.

 As this LocalCast is a streaming video player sites you can watch your favorite content whenever you want. You can also customize the setting if you need it. You can also remove add from the app by donating little money. This way you will get uninterrupted services from the app.

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