Keepsafe For PC, Windows And Mac – Free Download 2022

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We often need to keep our private photos and videos in our devices. You may lose your phone or computer or someone may take your phone and see your private photos. Then what can you do? Well, Keepsafe can help you secure your photos and videos with full privacy.

Keepsafe is an app designed to provide military-grade privacy of your device. However, you can use Keepsafe for pc as well. What are the features of this app and how can you download Keepsafe on your pc? Read this article to know the details about it.

Why Choose Keepsafe for pc

Keepsafe allows you to secure your personal photos and videos. It works by locking your photos and videos down with fingerprint authentication, PIN protection, and other processes. When you download this Keepsafe on pc, you can secure your photos and videos on pc as well.

Keepsafe for pc

Even you can preserve your memories with this app. Besides, you can store your private family photos and videos and keep your driver’s license, ID cards, and credit cards protected in this app. You can organize and set PIN to ensure privacy.

Keepsafe For PC APK & Features

Now the question comes what features you can get from this app. Well this app offers many features. Among those many features, here are a few for you.

Everything behind a lock

This app allows you to keep your files behind a lock. You can set a PIN, pattern or your fingerprint to ensure security of your files.

Sync photos or videos across devices

You can even sync your videos and photos across different types of devices. So no matter what your device is, you can sync and use your files any time anywhere.

Backup photos & videos

This app lets you back up your videos and photos. As a result, even if you lose your phone or device, your files will remain safe.

Safe Send photo sharing

Even you can send your private photos with extreme privacy. Set the time anyone can see your shared photo.

Face-down auto lock

If you are in a tight situation, you can use face down lock when your phone or other devices face downward.

How to Download and Install Keepsafe on your PC (Mac and Windows)

Now you can easily download Keepsafe for pc with basic knowledge. Even you can download Keepsafe for pc 32bit too. Maybe you think it is a tough job to download this app on pc. It is not that tough at all. We have come up with the simplest way to download this app on your pc.

Keepsafe for windows

How to install Keepsafe For PC Using Android Emulator

Are you a user of windows operating system? You can download Keepsafe for windows easily. We are going to show you the process of downloading Keepsafe for pc windows 10 or other version. Since this is an android app, you need to use any android emulator to download this app. Here are some top class emulators.

Among those, we will show you how you can download this app by using MEmu android emulator. You know, MEmu is surely one of the most popular emulator for pc.

Step 1: At first, go to any of your pc browser and go to the official website of MEmu App Player.

Step 2: You will see a pink download button on the main page as shown in the picture. Simply click on the download button and it will start downloading within a second. Then click on the downloaded file. A window will pop up and you will find an option named install.

Step 3: Now click the install button and it will start installing. It may take a while to be installed. Then you will see a launch button. Click there to start the application.

Step 4: Click the Google play app to open it. Here, you need to provide your Gmail ID access to get access play store.

Step 5: Now search for ‘Keepsafe’ on the search box. You will see Keepsafe at first. Click the install button to install it. It will take a while to be installed. Wait and it will be installed.

Step 6: The app will show on the home screen of the emulator. Click and open the app and start securing your files.

How to install Keepsafe For Mac Using Android Emulator

If you are a mac user, you can download and use Keepsafe for mac as well. It is similar to windows pc. You need to use any android emulator to download and use this app. Some popular emulators include:

  • However, we will show you how you can download this app by using ARChon Android Emulator. You know, ARChon Android Emulator is surely one of the most popular emulator for mac.
  • At first, you need to visit to download the emulator file. From the link, download your preferable version of ARChon file.
  • You need to unzip it by using any of the unzip software such as Win-zip, 7-zip, or any other built in unzip software to unzip it. However, make sure you use the same folder to save the files. It will help you find the app later.
  • Now open your Google chrome browser. As we already mention that you must need a chrome browser to run this emulator. You will see three dots on the right top corner. Click there and navigate to more tools and then extension.
  • On the right top, you will find an option named developer mode. Check that option there. After that, you will find a window like this where you will find an option named ‘load unpacked extension’.
  • Now click there and navigate to the folder where you have saved the ARChon unzip file. Then select the file and click ok to upload the file. You are done.
  • Now similarly, download the Keepsafe apk file from online. Then unzip and extract the file as you did when installing the emulator. Now open your chrome browser and go to your extension option. Click load unpack extension from the developer mode. Navigate to the folder where you have downloaded your apk file to upload it. You are done.
  • The app will show on the home screen of the emulator. Click and open the app and ensure your privacy.

Frequently asked questions

Do you have any questions? If yes, then you may have a look at the questions asked frequently by the users.

Is Keepsafe a safe app?

Yes, this app is safe to use and lets you keep your important and private files safe. It provides PIN or pattern lock to secure your private files so no one but you can see it.

Where are Keepsafe photos?

You will find the files in the root folder of your device. That means your photos are in the root folder of your device. Search there and you will find those for sure.

Can Keepsafe see my pictures?

Keepsafe lets you ensure privacy of your photos and videos. That is why this app does not allow any employee to see your pictures.

Final thought

Now you can ensure your privacy of private videos and pictures with this Keepsafe for pc. When you have this app, you can secure your privacy of photos and videos of your device. Surely, it is the best way to secure your files.

You can set password or pattern to secure your photos so that even if your phone gets stolen or lost, your photos and videos remain safe. Also, you can back up, restore, sync, and do other stuff too. So without any further due, download it now.

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