Ismart Dv App For Pc – Free Download – Windows 7/8/10

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The iSmart DV app for pc is a versatile camera controller app you can use for cameras with iCatch technology. For live streaming with your smartphone or PC and control the camera from anywhere is possible with iSmart DV. It makes controlling the camera a lot easier than getting your hands on.

This app takes the remote, controlling your camera to a whole new level with so many features. You can download and install it on your computer, just the way you’re using it on your android device. I will show you how you can get this smart remote controller app on your computer today:

Why Choose The Ismart Dv App For Pc?

If your camera has the iCatch chip’s inside, you can remote control your camera with the iSmart DV app on pc. Organizing your media, taking snaps, and making movies can be a fun job if you have the iSmart DV App on your device. You should choose this app because you’ll get almost all the modern controlling features with it. Making burst shots, changing video resolution, time correction, playback, and so many other features make it super versatile.

Ismart Dv App For Pc

Benefits Of Using Ismart Dv App For Pc

With the iSmart DV app on your pc, you can make the most out of your camera that has iCatch in it. Here are the best benefits that you can look forward to if you use the iSmart DV App:

  • It will enable you to take photos or videos in multiple modes, and organize them in any resolution you want.
  • You’ll be able to preview, playback all your photos and videos, both in single-mode and multiple modes.
  • Making impressive movie shots and delay modes are now possible if you have the iSmart DV app.

Ismart Dv App For Pc Apk & Features

Once you get the iSmart DV app for PC, its onboard features will surely impress you instantly. Here are the best features of the iSmart DV app that you can get benefited from:

Live stream

The iSmart DV app will allow you to live stream or capture photos and videos using your camera you connected to the app.

Wifi connectivity

To connect any Wifi-enabled iCatch cameras with the app, it allows you to do so, and you might have to enable airplane mode, though.

Remote control

You can use this app to control your camera remotely, without touching the camera while it’s hooked up to something.

Shooting modes

With the iSmart DV app, you can shoot photos or videos in delay, burst mode, and some other regular modes.


Making Slomo videos is possible with the iSmart DV app on your PC, you can take high-resolution slow-motion movies with it.

High-res size

iSmart DV app allows you to take high-quality images and videos and scale them into different resolutions as well.

How To Download And Install Ismart Dv App On Your Pc (Mac And Windows)

You can download iSmart DV app for pc if you use an android emulator such as Bluestacks, Gameloop, NOX player, Remix OS, and so on. Stay along to know how to install the iSmart DV App on your Windows or Mac computer:

Ismart Dv App For Windows

How To Install Ismart Dv App For Pc Using Android Emulator

To install the iSmart DV app for windows using the Bluestacks emulator, follow these simple steps below:

Step 01: Download the Bluestacks android emulator, you’ll find it on your Downloads folder in the explorer.

Step 02: Install Blustacks, you have to double click on the downloaded app and click yes for confirmation.

Step 03: Now open the Bluestacks app from desktop and log in to your Google account once it asks you to.

Step 04: Open the Play store app in Bluestacks and search for the iSmart DV app; it will appear on the first result.

Step 05: Click on the install button under the search result and let it install; you will get an icon to launch it after the installation.

How To Install Ismart Dv App For Mac Using Android Emulator

To download and install the iSmart DV app for Mac, I’ll use the NOX android emulator, follow this guide to do so:

Step 01: Download the NOX app player on your Mac and install it from the download manager.

Step 02: Open the NOX emulator from desktop and click on the My Apps folder in it, you will find the Play store app here.

Step 03: Open the play store app and log in to your Google account, then search for the iSmart DV app.

Step 04: From the search result, you have to click on the Install button under the name of the app.

Step 05: It will take a few moments to install it and add an icon on the home screen to launch it easily.

Upcoming 2021 Features

iSmart DV app keeps the app updated regularly, here are the new features of iSmart you will get in 2021:

  1. Now it supports video playback before you download it, even with audio output.
  2. You can shoot in upside down with the camera or vice versa with the iSmart app now.
  3. Preview or playback modes are way smoother than ever with its improved technology.
Download Ismart Dv App

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some of the most frequently asked questions about the iSmart DV app you may have an interest in:

✔ What apps use Akaso camera?

You can use the Akaso camera with the iSmart DV camera app to control it remotely.

✔ How do I connect my Akaso camera to the Phone?

Turn on the Wifi, click the UP button, and the app will find the camera, the pass is 1234567890.

✔ How do I use a sports HD DV camera?

You can use the iSmart DV camera app to connect to it and get all the footage and videos.

✔ Does a DV camera connect to iSmart DV?

Any Digital Video or DV camera with iCatch chip in it can connect to the iSmart DV app.

✔ How do I use sq11 Mini DV?

Press the On button of the mini camera, then press the mode button after the LED turns on.

Final Thought

The iSmart DV app for PC can help you get full control over your DV camera and make the most out of it. With the iSmart DV, you will not only be able to capture the photos and videos, but also customize them.

You can make cinematic rolls using its various advanced features and preview them from anywhere as well. It will give you the capability of remotely control it from anywhere and take high-res videos, even in slow motion.

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