Ipolis For Pc – Free Download (Windows 7, 8, 10)

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The iPoLiS for PC is a smart and dedicated application for monitoring a specific area over the internet by using CCTV/IP cameras. The app is specially developed for the  Hanwha Techwin’s companies security cameras.

Once you download iPoLiS for pc, you can easily watch the real-time footage, record the video footage, playback, preview, zooming, etc. by using your device from anywhere in the world.

What is iPoLiS for PC

iPoLiS is a monitoring application that is specially designed for the people who are using the Hanwha Techwin’s security camera systems. By installing the iPoLiS on your pc, you can watch the real-time footage of your targeted area. The app allows you to control the views through zooming/tilt/pan and a lot more things by using its smart function.

iPoLiS for PC

With this smart app, you can record videos, preview, and playback them whenever you like from wherever you want. To find a specific video from a large recording list the apps offer you a calendar search feature. You can set your preferred language form its multi-language options.

Benefits of using iPoLiS for PC

The iPoLiS app could play a very important role to secure your home, office, and any specific area that you want. By connecting the app with your CCTV/IP cameras, you can monitor your place 24 hours through the internet. Now, in the below section, I’m going to add some of its benefits so that you could understand the importance of this app.

  • You can watch 24 hours of live footage by connecting the app with your targeted cameras.
  • The app has PTZ control that helps you to zoom and focus on your videos.
  • Record any video with this app, and playback and preview them whenever you want.
  • It supports MJPEG, H.264/H.265.
  • You could take a snap from the video footage.
  • For security, it also includes a password function.
  • The app has a multi-language option that allows you to use your preferred language.
  • More than 1000+ devices could be registered.

iPoLiS for PC APK & features

The smart iPoLiS app comes with so many outstanding features for its user. Read the section carefully to know the features of iPoLiS for windows and mac devices.

Live Video Streaming

With the iPoLiS app, you can watch 24 hours of live streaming video from anywhere in the world. So whatever happens in your CCTV coverage area, you are getting an instant update about that.

Record Videos

You can record videos from ongoing live footage and playback the videos whenever you want.

Capture Image

If you want to capture an image from the live footage, with this app you can do it instantly.

PTZ Control

The app includes PTZ control, PTZ control allows you to control the linked cameras perfectly, you can Pant, Tilt, and Zoom your views by these features.

Calendar Search

It is a wonderful feature of this app, suppose you want to preview an old recording file, this feature helps you to find the specific video from the huge recording list.


The app supports multiple languages because of this feature you can choose your preferred language.

How to Download and Install iPoLiS on your PC

Currently, the iPoLiS app is available for android and ios version but the app is so outstanding that people want to download & install the app on their computer also. The process of installing the app on your computer is very simple if you use emulator software.iPoLiS for windows

The formation of the app is different from the computer system and that won’t allow you to install the app directly on your computer without an emulator software. After installing an emulator software you can easily install the iPoLiS for pc 32bit to more upgrade versions. Follow the below instructions to know the installation process of iPoLiS for pc windows 10 & other operating systems.

How to install iPoLiS for PC using android emulator

The developer of the iPoLiS app currently constructs the app for android and ios versions. But the features of this app is so amazing that the user wants to use it on their computer also.

To install the app on your computer, you will just need an emulator software, like Bluestacks, Nox player, ARChon, MEmu, etc. Emulator software converts the formation of the app and makes it compatible with the computer. Read the following steps to know the installation process of iPoLiS on pc.

Step 1– At first, you have to decide which emulator software you want to use. If you choose the Bluestacks emulator. Go to Bluestacks official site and download the latest version as per your device configuration.

Step 2– Tap on the downloaded file and run the setup to install the software on your device.

Step 3– Open the Bluestacks software and attach your Google account then visit the play store with this software.

Step 4– Search for the iPoLiS app from the app lists of the play store.

Step 5– You will find the app & an installation way. Click here and wait a couple of seconds to install the file.

Step 6- When you successfully complete the installation process, the app will appear on the Bluestacks home screen. Now the app is ready for use.

How to install iPoLiS for Mac using android emulator

The installation process of iPoLiS for mac devices is so simple with emulator software. All you have to do is to download an android emulator software on your device, like Bluestacks, Nox player, ARChon, MEmu, etc. Then follow the below instruction to know the installation process of the iPoLiS app.

  • Choose an emulator software that you want to install on your Mac device.
  • If you want to use the Nox emulator software, download the latest Nox player on your device from the Nox player official site.
  • Run the software on your computer and install it.
  • Open the Nox player and include your Google account. Then visit the play store with Nox emulator software.
  • Now, search for the iPoLiS app from the apps list of the play store.
  • You will find the app and an installation choice with that.
  • Click here and leave it for a moment to complete the installation.
  • Now the app is ready for use.

Upcoming Features 2021

Like all other apps, the developer of the iPoLiS app updated its function and feature frequently to satisfy the user’s needs and demand. Read the below section carefully to know the latest update of the iPoLiS app brings in the 2021 update.

  • The login problems resolved.
  • Previous bugs and issues are now fixed.
  • Must update the app to the latest version to enjoy the best of it.


While using this app there might be some questions that arise on your mind. Here in this section, I’m going to add some questions and answers that people frequently asked about this app. Read the section carefully to get a solution if you have the same question.

What is iPoLiS?

The iPoLiS is a monitoring app that helps you to watch real-time video footage and control your IP cameras through the app.

How do I set up iPOLiS?

Open the app and go to the add device option, press the auto-add button to get the available device lists. Tap on your desired device to connect.

Final Word

The iPoLiS for PC is one of the best monitoring apps with so many dynamic features.  By using this app, you can watch 24 hours of live streaming videos of your targeted place from anywhere in the world.

The app offers you PTZ control, that means with this app you can zoom your videos and focus on an object by using the tilt/pan/zoom option. From its multi-language option, you can set your preferred language.

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