Imo for laptop – Download in Windows/Mac

Imo, one of the most well-known and used video calling and instant messaging applications. It confers multiple services to the users, from multimedia messaging to international calls that work with both wi-fi and cellular networks as well. Users can enjoy the group chat through the application as well. 

Finding a contact list on Imo is very simple. If you add someone once, it’ll remain until you delete your account. It provides several features like Chat Zone, Imo zone, live streaming, and many more. However, in this context, we’ll show how you can download Imo for Laptop

Features of IMO Application

  1. Simple user interface, thus anyone can use it 
  2. It is consistent with all networks, including cellular
  3. Comparatively less data usage and save money 
  4. Instant multimedia file transfer without difficulties
  5. You can customize your profile with hundreds of avatar, songs, images
  6. Thousands of sticker, emojis, and GIF available
  7. You can make international calls as well.
  8. Share large videos and documents with ease 

Download Imo for Laptop

Downloading Imo for Laptop is not a difficult task at all as it is available for multiple platforms, including Windows, Mac, and iOs. So, you may have already perceived how it will be easy to Download Imo on Your Laptop. However, we have illustrated the download procedure below to help you get the app on your laptop. 

  1. First, open a browser on your laptop.
  2. Go to Imo’s official website
  3. You will see 4 different options below. From there, select “Imo for Windows.”
  4. After clicking on the option, .msi will be downloaded automatically. 
  5. Once the setup file is downloaded, open it to install. 
  6. Now, press on the Imo app, create an account by providing your phone number. 


Following the same process, you can download the Imo App on Your Macbook as well.  

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