iMiniCam for PC 2022- Download And Install – (Windows And Mac)

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Most people worry about their home security when they are in office or traveling outside. It is impossible to keep an eye all the time on your house without any security camera. Sometimes you have to control, record, or watch the footage clearly. So, you must be looking for an app that will provide you with the same facilities.

iMiniCam is that kind of app that will give you opportunities from your device. Now, you can easily run iMiniCam for PC by using an emulator. It is a free video player and editor app that comes with a multimedia function system. So, whenever you are outside the home you can watch what is happening at your home.

Benefits of using iMiniCam for PC

iMiniCam is a mobile app that offers easy and flexible use for IP camera users. Its basic point is to show you a high-quality real-time video recording of a security cam. When you install iMiniCam on your PC, you will get numerous benefits.  Keep reading to find out the core benefits of using iMiniCam on PC.iMiniCam for windows

Easy Setup:

Most of the camera’s configuration system is too complicated. But when you use iMiniCam, you don’t have to confront complex IP configuration with the network system. After installing, you can easily configure the app.

Live Video Option:

As long as you have a secure connection with your IP cam, you can watch live video from anywhere. When you have any doubts about your home, just open iMiniCam & it will show you the current situation.


iMiniCam has a real-time recording option, and you can record any incident or any situation through it. Its backend system will store the recordings, allowing you to see them anytime.

Playback System:

Its motion detector system will allow you to play or pause the video with forward and rewind options. Through iMiniCam, you can also take screenshots and save videos or photos.

Two-way Voice Intercom & Motion Detector:

iMiniCam has a two-way voice intercom system. Its motion detector system will notify you when it will detect any motion on the surface. These are the core benefits of iMiniCam.

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iMiniCam APK App Details

You will find many IP camera apps with different features. Among them, iMiniCam is the best one because of its flexible useability. Check below to find out the details of iMiniCam.

Name iMiniCam
Size 11.9 MB
Version 1.9.2
License Type Free
Category Video Player & Editors Apps

How To Install iMiniCam for Windows & Mac

Basically, iMiniCam is a mobile app, and to download iMiniCam for PC, you have to use an emulator.  If you use emulator software, it will allow you to use mobile apps on your PC. There are many types of emulators, such as NoxPlayer, BlueStacks, MEMu, Remix OS Player.iMiniCam for PC

Here we will show how to install iMiniCam for windows or mac by using the NoxPlayer. It is a trusted emulator that you use in all operating systems. Here is the downloading process

  • Download NoxPlayer from its official or any valid website.
  • Then install it on your device & it will take a little time.
  • After the iMiniCam installation, open
  • Now find out the Play store & open it with your email ID.
  • Now search for iMiniCam from the play stores search bar.
  • After finding out iMiniCam, install it on your PC.
  • Now you are ready to run iMiniCam on your computer.

iMiniCam Alternative Apps for Windows or Mac

No matter what operating system you are using, you find many alternative apps to the iMiniCam app. Some alternative apps for the iMiniCam app are given below.


This app is pretty similar to the iMiniCam app because you can connect it with a wifi camera. It will also allow you to get a real-time view of multiple resolution systems.


This app is available in the play store; it also has similarities with iMiniCam. Through it, you can view a live video, and also has a playback option.


i-Cam has a real-time two-way voice and video viewing option; another thing is it also has a video playback option. It supports the PRI sensor, and it is weak on LAN.

Frequently Asked Questions

It does not matter what type of app it is; people always have some queries about it. Here are some issues that most people face, continue reading to find out queries results.

Is iMiniCam a free app?

You will have to pay no money because it is a free app for all users.

Is it easy to use on a PC?

The layout and interface system of iMiniCam is very easy.  You just have to use an emulator to use iMiniCam for pc windows 10.

Will iMiniCam support your IP camera?

It does not matter what IP camera you are using; this app will support it.

Final Thought

There are many reasons behind iMiniCam’s popularity, and its portability system is one of them. Once you install iMiniCam for PC, it will let you observe your security cameras from anywhere. This free app will allow you to store videos & take screenshots from live video.

When you install iMiniCam for mac or any other system, it will run smoothly on your computer. Most importantly, iMiniCam will not create any battery issues with your PC. In the end, if you have any queries about iMiniCam, leave a comment in the comment section.

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