Ibis Paint X For Pc (Windows 7, 8, 10 And Mac)

If you are an artist or a designer and looking for a digital drawing app for practicing and editing, then install the ibis Paint X for PC on your device. The app is so easy and user friendly that anybody could edit with that perfectly.

The app includes everything you will need in a digital art program, like layers, layer effects, image import options, and a large amount of brush, etc. For practicing and editing drawings in the digital version install the ibis Paint X on your pc.

What is ibis Paint X for PC

Ibis Paint X is a digital painting or drawings platform. With this app, you can edit anything you want. It helps you to learn the basics of digital art. If you want to be a painter or graphics designer then for your startup learning download ibis Paint X  for pc.

ibis Paint X for PC

The greatest part of this app is it has almost 362 kinds of brushes through that you can edit more efficiently. Such as charcoal brushes, airbrushes, fan brushes, oil brushes, pen brushes, etc. A large number of brushes with a different angle allows you to draw properly.

The benefits of using ibis Paint X for PC

ibis Paint X has so many benefits compared to any other painting and editing app. It doesn’t matter how much you know about painting, after using the app for a couple of days, you will become a good artist.

  • The app is very easy & user-friendly that anybody could edit with that without facing any complexity.
  • It has 2500 unique materials for editing.
  • You will get more than 800 fonts with that.
  • It also has 362 brushes, 64 filters, 27 blending modes, and 46 screen notes.
  • With this app, you can also share the processes of your drawings with other users.
  • The layer is the most important thing for editing, the app allows you to use layers as much as you want.

ibis Paint X for PC APK & features

The ibis Paint X is designed with so many exclusive features for its user. Read the following section to know the core features of ibis Paint X for pc windows 10 and other operating systems.


The ibis Paint X comes with more than 362 brushes. Such as airbrushes, fan brushes, oil brushes, charcoal brushes, etc. Various brushes have various patterns and thicknesses that allow you to edit with more perfection.


When you start editing or drawings, you will need different layers to complete your artwork. The app allows you to select as many layers as you need and give you complete control to reset the layers parameter. Such as layer alpha blending, layer opacity, subtract, adding, and multiplying.

OpenGL Technology

The app is built with OpenGL technology that allows you to smooth & comfortable drawings. You can record your drawing process and store it as a recorded video.


It is an amazing feature of this app that allows you to share your drawings techniques with others and get other people’s drawing techniques as a video tutorial.  It is one of the greatest ways to learn new techniques.

Prime Membership

When you purchase the membership package, you will become a prime member. As a prime member, you will get more exclusive features. A prime member will get prime materials, tone curve filter, graduation Map filter, a cloud filter, prime fonts, etc.

How to Download and Install ibis Paint X on your PC

ibis Paint X is an amazing app for the people who want to learn drawings, editing in a digital format. Because of its super flexibility, people want to use it on their computer also. But the problem is most of them think that it would be so tough and complex to download and install the app on their computer as it is an android app.ibis Paint X for windows

In reality, it is so easy to install the app on your computer if you just follow some basic tips. You can also install the ibis Paint X for pc 32bit. Read the following instructions to know the downloading and installing process of ibis Paint X for windows.

How to install ibis Paint X for PC using android emulator

As ibis Paint X is a different system application, you can’t install it on your computer directly. But you can easily install it by using an android emulator. You can use the Nox Player, Bluestacks, MEmu, ARChon, etc. emulator software to install the app.

Just install any of the following apps on your computer and read the below steps to know the installation process of ibis Paint X for mac and other operating systems.

Step 1– At first, you have to select an emulator software. If you select the Nox player. Go to the Nox player official websites and select the new version of the software and download it on your device.

Step 2–  Double-tap on the downloaded file and install it on your device and attach your existing or new Google account.

Step 3– Open the Nox player software and visit Google play store with the following software.

Step 4–  Now, search for the ibis Paint X from the apps list of the play store.

Step 5–  You will receive the app and an installation choice with that. Just click here and give it some time to complete the installation task.

Step 6- Now the app will be visible on the Nox player window and it means the app is ready for use.

How to install ibis Paint X for Mac using android emulator

Installing the ibis Paint X on your Mac device is so easy & simple when you use an android emulator software for that. There are so many popular emulator software you will find, such as Bluestacks, MEmu, Nox player, ARChon, etc. select any of the emulator software from the list and read the following instructions to install the ibis Paint X on your mac device.

  • First, you have to choose an android emulator software. For example you have chosen the Bluestacks emulator software. Now go to the Bluestacks official site and download the latest software.
  • Run the downloaded file on your mac device and install it.
  • Open the Bluestacks software include your google account and visit the play store with the following software.
  • Search for the ibis Paint X form the apps list of the play store.
  • You will get the app and an installation choice with that.
  • Once the app is successfully installed on your device, it will appear on the Bluestacks home screen.

Upcoming Features 2021

The ibis Paint X team frequently updated its apps to fulfill the user’s needs and demands. Read the following segment to know the latest features of ibis Paint X brings in 2021.

  • Added layer-folder new feature.
  • Includes 27 more brushes.
  • a relief filter is included in the category of style.


Here in this section, we have included some questions and answers that people frequently asked us. Read the section carefully, to get a solution if you have the same question.

What is Ibis paint X?

The Ibis paint X is a digital drawing and editing app for artists.

Is Ibis Paint X safe?

Yes, using the Ibis Paint X is completely safe for your device.

Is ibis Paint free?

The ibis Paint is a paid app but can use it free also, in that case, you have to watch sponsorship ads.

What’s the difference between Ibis paint and Ibis paint X?

There is no big difference between these two versions except Ibis Paint X shows ads and Ibis Paint don’t show ads. But you can stop ads on Ibis Paint X by purchasing the prime version.

Final Thought

The ibis Paint X for PC is an amazing drawing app for the creative people. It helps the user to learn the basics of digital art. With this app, you can edit anything that you want.

The best part of this app is it includes a lot of materials, brushes, layers and so many exclusive features for its users. It is so user-friendly that a newbie who doesn’t know anything about editing can edit with this app.

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