Download Hi VPN for PC Free Proxy Server 2022 (Windows and Mac)

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A VPN makes sure you get the safest internet connection on your device. Also, if you are looking for a VPN with a safe proxy server including unlimited data the Hi VPN for PC is the perfect one. This VPN also gives you access to geo-restricted sites. So, you can easily enter the social and streaming sites without any barrier.

Though this VPN is easy to download on an android device, with the emulators, you can easily install Hi VPN for windows. The VPN is easy to use and gives you a faster connection while browsing. You can also protect your data and information by using the Hi VPN on your PC.

Why Choose Hi Vpn For Pc

There are so many VPN apps you will find on the google play store. But, the Hi VPN on PC shows some exclusive features. That is the reason you can easily choose the Hi VPN for PC. This VPN can easily compete with other elite VPN’s. IT is free and gives you unlimited services on your device.

Hi VPN for PC

This VPN is trusted by millions of users and offers top security on your device. This VPN has a powerful strong network to connect. Also, the proxy server is available for the users. Hi VPN for PC windows 10 makes sure you can hide the real IP address and create a fake profile for browsing. This VPN works as a great mask on the internet IP address.

Benefits Of Hi Vpn For Pc

Using a VPN can give you unlimited access to restricted sites with a smooth internet connection. Some benefits of Hi VPN for PC make sure you get the top-notch security on your device. Some core benefits of Hi VPN are discussed below.

  • This VPN is 100% free and provides unlimited proxy servers.
  • You can unblock all restricted sites and browse the sites as long as you want.
  • It provides the highest security network with a safe and secure connection.
  • You can stay anonymous by using this VPN on your device.
  • The Hi VPN creates a virtual firewall to protect the server.
  • The security system is tight of this VPN so that no one can steal your valuable information.
  • The speed of this VPN is unlimited with unlimited data and bandwidth.

Hi Vpn For Pc Apk & Features

The Hi VPN is one of the trusted VPN apps for users. Most of the users switch their VPN from giant VPN like Nord VPN to Hi VPN due to its great benefits. Here we will point out some main features to understand the Hi VPN easily.

Free VPN:

The Hi VPN is completely free for the users and you can access several proxy servers with this VPN app.


The Hi VPN offers unlimited bandwidth with an unlimited data connection. Also, the connectivity of this VPN is unlimited so that no user can be disappointed by using this VPN app.

Fake IP:

This VPN creates a fake IP address and hide your real one so that no hackers can easily find out the IP address. Also, this VPN bounds the location to protect your IP address.


While working online it is important to hide your real identity from the other users. This way no one can know your real Identity. The Hi VPN hides your real identity and creates a fake one so that no one can easily trace you.


The Hi VPN is compatible with any device like android or iOS even you can install it on your PC. Also, this VPN supports cellular data, wi-fi, 3G/4G, etc. for use.

Download And Install Hi Vpn On Your Pc (Mac & Windows)

As you are aware of the HI VPN that can be easily downloaded on Android and iOS devices from the play store. But if you are interested to download Hi VPN for PC then use the emulator software at first. This will help you to download the HI VPN for Mac also. Below, there are two processes of installing the Hi VPN follow the process and get the Hi VPN on your PC.

Hi VPN for Mac

How to install Hi VPN for PC using Android Emulator 

To install Hi VPN on your Windows or Mac system you can use the emulator software. There is so many emulator software on the browsing sites. You can pick up the Bluestacks or MEmu to download this VPN. Here we choose the Bluestacks software to install the Hi VPN for PC 32 bit. Follow the process that is given below.

  • At first, download the emulator on your device and then install It.
  • The installation process may require the email ID with a password.
  • After finish, the Bluestacks installation process, open the software from your device.
  • Search for the google play store and go to the search bar.
  • Write the VPN name and enter the button.
  • Among other VPN apps select the Hi VPN and click install.
  • The VPN will install automatically on your device. Now you can launch the VPN app and use it by tapping the connect button.

How To Install Hi Vpn For Mac Using Android Emulator

The Hi VPN also can be installed on your Mac device through the emulator software like Bluestacks or Nox Player. Follow the steps to download Hi VPN for Mac.

Step 1- Go the website of Bluestacks or Nox player and download the software. The official website will offer you the latest version.

Step 2- Install the software with an email ID and launch it from your desktop or folder where the software saved.

Step 3- Now search for the play store and write the VPN name.

Step 4- Select the VPN and on the right side at the bottom, you will find the install button. Click it and wait.

Step 5- As this VPN doesn’t require any email ID, you can directly open the VPN to use.

Download Hi Vpn

Frequently Asked Questions

✔ What is Hi VPN?

Hi VPN is an app that offers unlimited data using and bandwidth while browsing. Also, you can access to all restricted sites through this VPN app.

✔ How do I use Hi VPN on PC?

To use Hi VPN on your PC you can download any emulator software at first and then install the Hi VPN through this software on your device.

✔ Is Hi VPN free?

Yes, The Hi VPN is completely free and you can use whenever you want.

✔ Is Hi VPN is legal to use?

As, there are no illegal activities to use a VPN app, so yes, the Hi VPN is completely legal to use.

✔ Is Hi VPN is unlimited to use?

Yes, the Hi VPN offers unlimited bandwidth with an unlimited data connection to use.

Bottom Line

A VPN app makes sure you can browse safely by using any internet connection. The Hi VPN for PC has the capability of hiding the real IP address and bounce he location from one city to another. This way no trackers or hackers can identify your real location.

Also, this VPN encrypted the data so that without selective users no one can decrypt those data. This way you can easily protect your data and work with complete freedom. Choose the Hi VPN for your device and work as long as you want with complete safety.

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