Guarding Vision For PC (Windows 7, 8, 10 And Mac) Free Download 2021

The Guarding Vision for PC is a real-time monitoring app that is supported with cloud P2P function and the app perfectly works with NVRS, DVRs, & IP cameras. Once you download Guarding Vision for pc, you can remotely operate your cameras from anywhere in the world.

You just have to open an account on this app and connect your cameras with your account & then your job is done. Just log into your account and view your targeted area’s real-time videos with your connected camera.

What is Guarding Vision for PC

Simply, Guarding Vision is a CCTV camera monitoring app. The app allows you to view real-time videos, playback the recorded videos, and get notification by motion detection alarm. It is supported by cloud P2P function and perfectly works with NVRS, DVRs, & IP cameras. The use of CCTV cameras is increasing gradually.

Guarding Vision for PC

Many private companies, government, and persons are now using CCTV cameras to secure their homes and offices. The Guarding Vision app helps the user, in that case, a lot by connecting their IP cameras with this app. It shows them real-time videos, allows them to record the videos, and playback the video through the app whenever they want.

Benefits of using Guarding Vision for PC

You can enjoy a lot of benefits by installing the Guarding Vision on pc. The app connects with your CCTV cameras and provides you real-time videos. You can monitor your coverage place from anywhere in the world. Here in this section, I’m going to show you some of the benefits of Guarding Vision.

  • With the Guarding Vision app, you can watch 24 hours of real-time video footage.
  • As the app is run with internet connection & it supports cloud P2P function, you can monitor your places from anywhere in the world.
  • If you want to take any important snap from this app, you can do so.
  • You can record live footage and be able to playback with this app, whenever you want.
  • The app provides you an instant notification when detecting any motion detection on your coverage place.

Guarding Vision for PC APK & features

The guarding Vision app is designed with so many outstanding features for its user. Read the below section carefully to know the features of Guarding Vision for windows & other operating devices.

Real-time monitoring

The Guarding Vision app provides you real-time video footage. You can watch 24 hours of live footage through this app. Your targeted place cameras are connected with this app through the internet and because of this, you can watch your place live from anywhere in the world.

Capture Picture

Sometimes you can focus on an issue more clearly with a picture rather than video footage. Now, if you want to take a snap from your live video footage with this app, you can do so.

Video Playback Option

The app allows you to record any live footage that you want and you can playback them whenever you want.


With this app, you will receive instant notification for any motion detection in your targeted place. It helps you to take the proper action at the right moment.

User-friendly interface

The app is designed with a very simple user-friendly interface. So that anybody could operate the app without any trouble.

How to Download and Install Guarding Vision on your PC

Guarding Vision is actually a mobile-based app. It is currently available for android and ios platform but due to its super user-friendliness and huge benefits, most people want to use it on their computer also. To download and install the app on your computer, you will require an emulator software. The app will convert app formation and make it compatible with computers. You can use Guarding Vision for pc 32bit to the upper version.Guarding Vision for windows

How to install Guarding Vision for PC using android emulator

As you already know that the app is available for the mobile version only. Due to its different forms, you can’t install the Guarding Vision directly on your computer. In such a case, to install the app on your computer, you will require an android emulator software.

There are so many popular android emulators available in the market,  like Nox Player, Bluestacks, MEmu, ARChon, etc. Choose any of this emulator software and install the Guarding Vision on your pc. Read the following steps to know the installation process of Guarding Vision for pc windows 10 & other operating systems.

Step 1– First, you have to choose an android emulator. If you choose the Bluestacks emulator software. Go to Bluestacks official site & download the latest version of the Bluestacks software on your device.

Step 2– Tap on the download file and run the setup to install the app on your device.

Step 3– Now open the Bluestacks emulator, attach your Google account, and visit the play store.

Step 4– Search for the Guarding Vision app from the apps list of the play store.

Step 5– You will find the Guarding Vision app and an installation way with that.

Step 6- When the app is successfully installed on your device, it will appear on the Bluestacks home screen. Now you can use this app.

How to install Guarding Vision for Mac using android emulator

Installing the Guarding Vision app on your mac operating device is so easy and simple with an android emulator software. All you have to do is to select an android emulator software and run it on your device.

You will find a lot of popular android emulators software available on the internet. Such as, Nox Player, Bluestacks, MEmu, ARChon, etc. Select any of the emulator’s software and follow the below instructions to install the Guarding Vision for mac.

  • Choose emulator software from the above list. If you choose the Nox player. Download the latest Nox player from the Nox player official site.
  • Click on the downloaded file and run the setup to install the Nox player on your device.
  • Open the Nox player, add your Google account and go to the play store with this software.
  • Now, look for the Guarding Vision app from the apps list of the store.
  • You will get the app with an installation way.
  • Click here and leave it for a moment to complete the installation.
  • Now the app is ready for use.

Upcoming Features 2021

The developer of the Guarding Vision app continuously updated its features and functionality to make sure that the users are getting the best and latest service. Read the following segment to know the very recent update that Guarding Vision brings in 2021.

  • Enhance the device sharing option, now you can share your device through a QR code.
  • Now the Ukrainian language is supported, you can set it from the display language.


What is guarding vision?

The Guarding vision is a real-time monitoring app that supports Cloud P2P function & works with NVRs, DVRs, & IP cameras.

How do you share guarding vision?

Open the guarding vision app on your device, log into your account, and go to the setting option & then select the manage sharing option, include the account you want to share.

Is guarding vision free?

Yes, it is a free application under the video tool subcategory, part of the multimedia and audio category.

Final Thought

The Guarding Vision for PC is an amazing app that allows you to monitor real-time video through the internet from different locations. With this app, you can secure your home, office, and any other targeted location by using CCTV cameras.

You can record any live footage through the app and play back the recorded video whenever you want. It provides you an instant notification if your device is activated with a motion detection alarm.

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