How To Use FreeTone for PC (Windows 10, 8, 7 PCs)

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Calling someone is very costly. If it is calling someone abroad then it is even more costly. What if you can call any number for free? Yes, you can now call any number for free with FreeTone for PC app. This app offers you free calling all over the world. Also, you can send free text messages.

What is FreeTone for PC?

FreeTone is a free android app that allows you to make free calls to phone numbers. Calling to the USA and Canada is totally free and for other countries, you have to purchase credit. But the credit is very cheap that your cost will be less than your sim card bill.

FreeTone for PC

FreeTone on PC helps you to communicate with people from your PC. You can make video and audio calls all over the world over the internet if the receiver also uses this app. Otherwise, you have to use credit to call them on their phone numbers.

Benefits of Using FreeTone for PC

There are as many benefits of using FreeTone that we can’t finish them in a whole article. Once you start using the app you will be amazed. Here are some of the important benefits you can get.

  • The best thing about this app is that it saves you money. With this app, you can call numbers without any charge and talk as long as you want. If the other users also installsFreeTone on their device you can make video calls and share media files and chat with them.
  • If you don’t have a mobile phone you can’t use a sim card. But now you can get a sim number on your PC bu installing this app. Isn’t that cool?
  • You can use this app to make fun with your friends by hiding your identity. As the number will be unknown they will not recognize you.
  • You can use your wifi to make high-quality video and audio calls with the best calling app.

FreeTone for PC APK Features

FreeTone for PC comes with so many features that you can’t even imagine. The app is very advanced and everyone loves using it. Here are some key features of this amazing app.

  • You will get your own real phone number with voicemail.
  • Calling the US and Canada is 100% free, no credit or hidden fee required.
  • It offers free texting (SMS), picture messaging (MMS).
  • You can easily sign up using email, Facebook, or Google.
  • It allows you to create groups with the users and have the fun of group chatting.
  • Freetone offers better call quality and speed among VoIP apps
  • You can share any media files with the FreeTone users.
  • You can invite friends to use Freetone and unlock more features.
  • The user interface is neat and clean and also easy to use.
  • You can pick the area code that you prefer when signing up to create your number.

How to Download and Install FreeTone on your PC (Mac and Windows)

Installing and downloading of FreeTone is a very easy and straight forward. You can follow our step-by-step guidelines below for both Windows and Mac. We will try to make it clear cut for you.

FreeTone for windows

How to Install FreeTone for PC Using Android Emulator

First of all, you need to install an android emulator on your PC such as KoPlayer, MeMu, Nox, and BlueStacks. Then you need to download FreeTone for Windows as you are using a Windows Operating System. Also, you can download FreeTone for Windows 10. Here are the steps to follow.

  1. Install an Android Emulator of your choice. We recommend choosing one from those mentioned above.
  2. Run the emulator and agree to the terms and conditions. You may also need to register an account.
  3. Then you will get an interface the same as an android device.
  4. Open Google PlayStore and log in with a Gmail account.
  5. Then search for “FreeTone” and you will find the app on the search list.
  6. Click on the “Install” button to install the app.
  7. Once the installation is done, open it by clicking the “Open” button.
  8. Provide necessary permissions.
  9. That’s all. Now you can call whoever you want without spending your money.

How to Install FreeTone for Mac Using Android Emulator

If you are using the Mac Operating system you need to install an android emulator in it first. Bluestacks, ARChon, and Nox are some popular emulators and are very useful. Then you can download FreeTone for Mac and install it easily. Follow this guideline to step forward.

  1. Install any of the emulators of our suggestion or your choice.
  2. Open it by double-clicking and click agree.
  3. It will create an Android OS for you.
  4. Open Google PlayStore and log in with your Google account.
  5. Use the search bar on the top and search for “FreeTone ” and you will find it first.
  6. Click on “Install” and the app will start installing.
  7. Open the app once the installation is finished.
  8. Give all the required permissions and the app will be ready to use.
  9. Now you can use the app to call someone or send text messege for free.

Upcoming 2021 Features

A dark theme has been added. Who doesn’t like dark themes?

  • Some bugs have been fixed such as the selection of custom ringtone, inbox screen issue, loading issue, and camera issue.
  • The user interface has been improved.

FreeTone for PC FAQ

What Kind of app is FreeTone?

FreeTone is a free video and audio calling app. It also allows you to send text messages and also chate with the users.

Is FreeTone free?

Yes, FreeTone is free to download. But there are in-app purchases available that you can buy if you need them.

Can I use FreeTone offline?

No, you need an internet connection to use the app both for calling and texting.

Do I need to create an account to use FreeTone?

Yes, you must register for an account to use the app. After register, it will provide you a unique number.

Is FreeTone unlimited?

Calling on the USA and Canada is free and unlimited. But for other countries it is limited. 


FreeTone for PC would be fun for you as well as useful. It will save you a lot of money. You can now talk with your friends and family all day long. Don’t waste a minute more on thinking. Just follow the guidelines and install the app and enjoy your free calling. It will not disappoint you.

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