Droid VPN for PC 2021 (Windows 7, 8, 10 & Mac) – Free Download

Droid VPN is a fast and secure VPN service. It has several notable features that have the best internet security. You can surf the Internet anonymously and gain access to geo-restricted websites by using droid vpn for pc. It also helps to hide your actual IP address when you surf the internet. Besides, this VPN’s user interface is so straightforward that anyone can use it.

We are concerned that public WiFi is unsafe for any internet user. If you use this VPN, your personal information will be protected even if you are connected to local WiFi. Another leading feature of this VPN is a fast internet connection. Now we will discuss the advantage of using this and how you can download this application on your computer.

Advantage of Using Droid VPN for PC

Droid VPN offers a lot of excellent features. You can get advantages from every single feature of this outstanding application. Here are some main benefits that we get from this application.Droid VPN for windows

  • With its unlimited bandwidth limitation, you can browse the internet with super fast speed.
  • Its military-grade encryption helps to secure your credential information.
  • This app allows you to change your IP to access restricted websites.
  • Droid VPN increases your internet speed and makes a better streaming experience.
  • Anyone uses its clean interface and the one-touch option to connect to the VPN easily.
  • It blocks all annoying ads to provide smooth internet browsing.

Technical Specifications of Droid VPN for PC

In this section, we have included the core details of Droid VPN. It will assist you in assessing your requirements.

Application Name DroidVPN – Easy Android VPN
developer DroidVPN Inc.
Category Tools
File Size 1.19 MB
Current Version 3.1.6
Compatible OS Windows 10, 8, 7, XP
License Freeware

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How to Download and Install Droid VPN for PC

The download and install process of Droid VPN is simple and straightforward. Like most other apps installations, Droid VPN is the same. If you have basic knowledge about computers, then you can easily do it. Now we explain how you can download this application on your computer. Droid VPN for mac

  • Firstly, open your favorite browser and visit Droid VPN’s official website.
  • Then click the download option from the navigation bar.
  • Now download the DroidVPN for PC.
  • After download, Locate the download file and unzip it.
  • Once unzip, click the .exe file of Droid VPN.
  • Then the VPN will be available for use on your PC.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here we have listed some commonly asked questions from the users of Droid VPN. Check this section, if you have the same issues.  This will help you to solve your problems.

Is There Any Trial Version of Droid VPN?

Yes, You have to create a free account to use the trial version of Droid VPN.

What Restrictions Come With a Free Account?

You can use your free account to connect to Droid VPN free server. Free users will only access 100 MB of data every period, which resets at midnight.

Is VPN Use Unlawful?

VPN is legal when you use it to protect your credential information. However, VPN use in committing a crime is unlawful.

Is it Safe to Use Droid VPN?

Yes, Droid VPN is fully risk-free. Even this VPN keeps other applications safe.

Can Anyone Track If I Use Droid VPN?

As Droid VPN changes your real IP address and hides your internet activities,  there is no chance to track you. 


Droid VPN is an important application for maintaining your privacy. It protects your confidential information and also provides secure and strong internet access. So, if you want to encrypt your username, password, and search history, we recommend downloading droid vpn for pc. The interface and security of the VPN are excellent, particularly it is available in a trial version.

When you install this on your computer, you can enjoy surfing different sites on a large screen. However, in the above, we have explained the download and installation procedure of Droid VPN.  You can follow our guidelines to get this VPN on your computer. Please let us know if you have any trouble downloading this VPN in the comments below.

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