Creative Destruction for PC | Download For Windows & Mac (2022)

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Creative Destruction is one of the most exciting action games among game lovers. It is a multiplayer real-strategy game where you can wield creative weapons. The Player of this game will be airlifted on a strange island with 99 other players. They also can use a parachute into a vast battlefield where 100 deathmatches are raging. 

It is a sandbox survival game where you can have the most fun with constructing and shooting. Besides, whether you fight like a lone wolf or in a group fight, you always have to wait for surprise. However, through this article, we explain how you can install creative destruction for pc and what features it contains.

Prominent Features of Creative Destruction for PC

The Creative Destruction app contains a lot of features that will surely force you to play this game on your computer. Below, we have listed some prominent features of this game. creative destruction for pc

  • This game has large-scale battlefields of 16,000,000 square meters and 13 enchanted spots.
  • It allows you to build bastions at your fingertips via an innovative system.
  • Creative Destruction has 14 basic weapons including pistols, shotguns, submachine guns, and sniper rifles.
  • It also has special weapons like Flame Thrower and Bowling Bomb.
  • Besides classic battle royale mode, explorers can participate in various battle modes.

System Requirements of Creative Destruction for PC

The system specifications for this application are described in the table below.  Before installing make sure these details will meet your device.

Compatibility With  Windows 10, 8.1, 8, 7
Processor  Minimum Intel Core i3 – 4160
Memory  Minimum 2 GB RAM
Graphics  Intel HD Graphics 4600
DirectX Version 9.0c
Storage Minimum 5 GB available Space

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Specifications of Creative Destruction for PC

Here we inserted a table with core details of Creative Destruction. This will assist you to find out the actual one. 

Application Name Creative Destruction
Developer NetEase Games
Genre Action, Adventure, Casual, Massively Multiplayer
Release Date 3 Aug 2018
File Size 3.47 GB
Language  English + 9

How to Download and Install Creative Destruction for PC

Creative Destruction is compatible with Microsoft Windows, Android, and iOS. The download and install process of Creative Destruction is simple and straightforward. If you have a little knowledge, then you can easily do it. Below we show the download and installation procedure of this excellent game.creative destruction for mac

  • Launch any web browser and visit the Creative Destruction official website.
  • Then download the app for windows from the download section.
  • After downloading, locates and installs the downloaded.exe file on your device.
  • You will be able to play this game until it is installed.

Frequently Asked Questions

Since Creative Destruction is an action game, you may have some queries. That’s why in this section we have collected some commonly asked questions with answers. Check this and it may clear your problems.

Can I play creative destruction with a game controller?

Yes, the game controller works on Creative Destruction. 

Is it possible to play Creative Destruction without internet access?

Yes, you can play your favorite role in this game without having access to the internet. For multiplayer options, the computer must be connected to the internet.

Is creative Destruction for PCs free to use?

Yes, this game is entirely free-to-play. This application does not require a subscription plan to play on your computer.


Creative Destruction’s animations are amazing and eye-catching, which leads to the game’s popularity. You will find it challenging to play at first. After completing a few levels, you will undoubtedly become addicted to the game. If you’re fast enough, you can build some amazing structures in a matter of seconds. So have fun playing it to pass time with challenging action. 

However, we hope that this guide will assist you on download and install creative destruction for pc. So, install this excellent game on your computer now and enjoy it with a large screen. If you face any complications in getting this app on your PC, please let us know in the comments.

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