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Are you worried about your phone or PC for important files? Don’t worry because your can install CM security for PC or mobiles. It encrypts all your activities online and hides your location to ensure the highest security of your files.

It automatically detects the phishing wi-fi found on public places such as stations, restaurants, and other important places. By sounding an alarm, it protects your phone from thefts. Although there has no separate PC applications of the CM security, you can use it by downloading it with the android emulator.

Why Choose CM Security For Pc

Viruses, malware, and spyware can affect your important files of your PC. CM security protects your files from boot sector virus, direct action virus, resident virus, multipartite virus, polymorphic virus, file infector virus, and other dangerous viruses.

cm security for pc

It not only protects your PC or mobile from the virus but also hides files and apps from unauthorized PC users. It lessens the risk of transferring files from your PC to Pendrive. You can protect your phone by creating an alarm on your phone. It encrypts online activities and unblocks any content.

Benefits Of Using CM Security For Pc

Nothing is more important than the high-security of information at the time of doing activities online. CM Security for PC will ensure the security of internet activities. Let’s see some unique benefits of CM security.

  1. It detects the virus and other malware automatically and removes them instantly with its high-security system.
  2. It protects your personal information and data of PC from a hacker, virus, and spyware.
  3. Cm security for Mac or windows can boost the performance of your PC by removing junk files.
  4. The CM Security has a heat-controlling feature that helps the device to cool at the time of being hot.
  5. It optimizes your device speed and provides a proxy to bypass the firewall.

Cm Security For PC Apk And Features

CM Security antivirus software protects yourself from spyware, malware, virus, and other scam wares. It also protects you from hackers by detecting any untrustful mail. Here I have given some features for which it is prefereable to other security apps.


CM Security for mobile analyzes the files, games, and other applications and remove all malicious content at the time of getting any dangerous problems. If you visit any unsecured URL, it automatically redirects you in the safe URL.


The end tasks and processes slow down your phone. It tracks the use of mobile data and monitors the battery and saves energy. It optimizes storage space from the SD card and the internal memory of your phone.


CM security’s antivirus remote management console or SMS system protects your phone from theft. It locates your phone through Google maps and locks your phone. It also makes the ring through on your phone. You can easily protect the data of your phone by formating your phone storage and SD card.


You can easily hide your private photos in a password-protected vault so that people can’t snoop on your memories. It also locks sensitive applications to protect your privacy and security of your device. It blocks dangerous calls and messages from scammers, hackers.

Easy to use:

CM security has been developed in 33 languages and so you can easily use this in your own language. It also has a user-friendly app so that you can easily select your favorite options with its easy icons.

How To download and install cm security for pc ( Mac and Windows)

The PC user sometimes face trouble to use their favorite service on the PC. You can easily use any android apps on PC, using Android emulators such as NoxPlayer, BlueStack, Dolphine, Android Studio’s emulator, Bliss OS, and MEmu etc. Here I am going to show you the two most popular methods of downloading Cm security on PC.

cm security for mac

How To Install Cm Security For Pc Using Bluestack Android Emulator

I think you are using BlueStack on your PC because of its multiple features. You can use any android app on your PC through BlueStack. Let’s see the step by step guide for downloading CM security on windows or mac.

Step 1:

If you are a new user of the BlueStack, visit the Official site of the BlueStack. According to the PC’s capabilities and operating system, download the expected files from the downloading section.

Step 2: 

Now, from the downloaded file, click on the .exe file to install BlueStack on your PC. It will take some time to install Bluestack on your PC.

Step 3: 

Add your Google Account on the BlueStack to install an android app on your PC. It is not possible to download any Android App without signing in Google account.

Step 4: 

After adding the Google account, you need to search ” CM security” on the search bar of the BlueStack.

Step 5: 

After appearing “CM security” on the screen of the PC, click on the install button of the app. After completion of the installation, you will get a successful notification.

How To Install Cm Security For Pc Using Nox App Emulator

You will also be able to download CM security by using Nox App Player. The Nox App Player works on the same way as the BlueStack.

  1. Click here to visit the official site of the Nox App Player. From the official site, download the file according to your Operating system and version of the OS.
  2. After downloading the file, install it on your PC by clicking on the .ext file.
  3. Launce the Nox app Player and search on the search box of the Nox.
  4. You will see the CM Security on the screen of your PC.
  5. Click on the “install” button of the CM security

Final Thought

CM security is one of the most popular security software for mobile and PC users. You can easily protect your mobile/PC and information on the mobile/PC. CM security also can protects your phone from theft. So, you should use CM security on your mobile and PC for protecting the confidential information of your phone and PC.

You can maintain the confidentiality of your data by downloading CM security for pc. It protects the call history, browsing history, and clipboard content. You can choose your favorite language from it 33 language options and so it is regarded as one of the most user-friendly security app.

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