Camhi For PC – Free Download In Windows 7/8/10

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The CamHi for PC is a monitoring app that allows users to keep an eye on a specific area from a different place through the internet. With this app, you can watch what’s going on in your house, workplace, or wherever you want.

Once you download CamHi for pc on your device, you can monitor everything wherever you set a camera. The distance won’t be a matter as it is connected with the internet. It works as a third eye that always provides you a visual update under your command.

What is CamHi for PC

The CamHi is a real-time video monitoring camera app. No, matter wherever you are if your cameras are connected with the internet then you can watch your targeted area by using this app. With this app, you can store the important video footage in your device.

CamHi for PC

If you want to take a snap from the live video footage, you can do so. Based on your location, you can set a timezone on this app. The most important thing is you won’t require any technician to set up this app. The app is very easy to use and very much user-friendly.

Benefits of using CamHi for PC

In this busy world, no one is free. Everyone is engaged with their own work. That’s why it is not possible for us to monitor different places at a time. It is a common limitation of every human being. But technology makes these things simple.

You can watch your specific targeted area by installing the CamHi on your pc. The app uses your camera and internet connection and sends you real-time video footage.  Here in the below section, we are going to list some of its benefits.

  • You can watch 24 hours of real-time video footage.
  • It allows you to record important videos.
  • With videos, you can also take pictures from the live footage.
  • No matter wherever you are, if you have an internet connection you can monitor what’s going on.
  • As per your location, you can set and reset your timezone.
  • The user interface is very simple, you can easily operate it.

CamHi for PC APK & features

The CamHi app is built with advanced and exclusive features for its user. Just read the below section to know the features of CamHi for pc windows 10 and other operating systems.

Real-time or live Video

The CamHi app provides you with live or real-time footage. As it is connected with the internet, you can instantly watch what’s going on in your targeted location. Because of this, you can always take the right action at the right time.

Take snap

Sometimes with a snap, you can deeply focus on specific issues rather than video footage. The app allows you to take pictures from your live footage.

PTZ control

PTZ control means PAN, TILT, & ZOOM controlling function. The CamHi offers you PTZ control. So that you can zoom out a specific area and get a clear view.

Video Storage

The video will automatically be stored on your device and you can playback whenever you want. The app allows you to delete the unnecessary video to free up your space.


Setting the time zone according to the location is very important to properly monitor the videos when you are watching from a different timezone location.

Well-design user interface

The app is very easy to operate because of its simple and dynamic user interface. You won’t need any help from a technician to set up this app.

How to Download and Install CamHi on your PC

CamHi is an android app, because of its different builtin formation, you can not install it on your computer directly. But you can enjoy all of its dynamic features by installing the CamHi on pc with emulator software. You can install the CamHi for pc 32bit to a more updated version.CamHi for windows

How to install CamHi for PC using android emulator

Because of its high features and simple user interface the app is getting popular day by day. Everyone wants to use the app on their comfortable device. Now if you want to install the CamHi for windows or other operating systems, you will require an android emulator software.

There are so many popular emulator software available on the internet. Such as Bluestacks, Nox player, ARChon, MEmu, etc. Just select any of the emulator software and follow the below steps.

Step 1– To install the CamHi on your computer, first, you have to choose an emulator software. If you choose the Bluestacks software. Download the new version of the software from the Bluestacks official site.

Step 2– Install the download file on your device and attach your new or existing Google account.

Step 3– Open the Bluestacks emulator and go to google play store with this software.

Step 4– Look for the CamHi from the apps list of the play store. You will see the Icon of the CamHi app. Click here and get an installation way.

Step 5– Press here to install the app. Now the app will appear in the Bluestacks window bar.

Step 6- Tap on the app icon and enjoy the service.

How to install CamHi for Mac using android emulator

Many people believe that it would be so tough to install the CamHi app on their mac devices. But the fact is installing the CamHi for mac is so easy and simple. All you need is an android emulator software on your Mac device.

There is a lot of android emulator software available for Mac. Such as Bluestacks, Nox player, ARChon, MEmu, etc. Just choose any of the following software and install the CamHi on your mac device. Follow the below instruction to know the installation process.

  • The first job is to decide which emulator software you want to use.
  • If you choose the Nox player. Download the latest version of the Nox player on your device with your internet browser from the Nox player website.
  • Install the downloaded file and attach your Google mail account.
  • Open the Nox player and visit google play store with the following software.
  • Search for the CamHi app from the apps list of the play store.
  • You will find the app and will receive an installation switch with that.
  • Click here and give it some time to complete the installation.
  • Once it is ready for use it will appear on the Nox player window.

Upcoming Features 2021

The developer team of the CamHi frequently updates its apps to solve previous issues and include new features and functions. Read the following section to know the recent update that CamHi brings in 2021.

  • New encrypted devices are now supported.
  • After an online firmware update, more devices are now supported.
  • Previously reported bugs are now fixed.


When you will use this app, there might be some questions that arise on your mind. Look at the below section to get a solution to your desired question. Here we have included the most asking questions that people are frequently asked.

What is CamHi App?

It is a monitoring app that allows you to watch real-time videos through the internet from different places in the world.

How do I watch CamHi on my computer?

After installing the CamHi with an emulator software on your computer, you can watch it.

Final Thought

If you want to monitor a specific location from a different place through the internet, the CamHi for PC app is one of the best solutions. With this app, you can observe your targeted place on a real-time view and this allows you to take necessary steps in case of an emergency.

The reason behind its high popularity is it is so easy to operate than any other monitoring app. The PTZ control of this app allows a user to manage and control the app most efficiently.

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