7 Best Weather Apps You Must Try in 2022 [Free & Paid]

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Checking the weather before going out is something that is pretty much important for all people. Not only that, but it also assists people in making important decisions. Imagine you’ve planned an outdoor meeting with your colleagues, but your handy weather app warns you that it will be a rainy evening. You can quickly reschedule the meeting in that situation.

Are you thinking about why you should install a third-party app when your smartphone already has one pre-installed weather app? Let me tell you, though pre-installed apps are improving themselves, third-party apps are better than anything. They perform better, have more detailed and accurate information, and are more efficient.Best weather apps

There are plenty of weather apps on the Google Play Store. While the pre-installed weather app that came with our Android phone does the job, the ones available on the Play Store go a step further. You can add custom widgets, change the theme of the weather app, and much more with these third-party weather apps. Let’s take a look at some of the best weather apps available on the internet.

Top Weather Apps for Android

We all know that Dark Sky was one of the best Android weather apps until Apple acquired the Apple Store. Dark Sky might not be available here for you. However, we’ve compiled a list of the best Dark Sky alternatives that are more than capable of taking home the prize for “Best Android Weather App.”

Under this segment, we chose those weather apps that we thought were unique, as well as the most popular apps. The vast majority of these apps are free, so experiment with them until you find the one that suits you best.Top Weather Apps for Android

1. AccuWeather:

AccuWeather improves lives and businesses by combining weather data and technology. Since 1962, they’ve been committed to making people’s lives easier, safer, and better. They simplify weather data, so the users can make the best decisions possible.

With over 100 parameters, they forecasted 3.5 m locations. Almost 1.5 billion people use AccuWeather in 200 plus languages. The app is well-known for providing up-to-date weather forecasts. The app includes a detailed weather report, including wind speed, humidity levels, and UV indexes.

In addition to hourly weather forecasts and weather maps, AccuWeather enhances the overall experience. The unique MinuteCast feature forecasts rain minute by minute, allowing you to better plan your day. It also comes with four different weather widgets for your Android phone. AccuWeather is a free version, but it also has a premium version for $2.99 and $8.99 per month.

2. Windy:

The former name of the Windy weather service was Windyty which uses GFS and NEMS as the main forecast models. Recently in 2020, they’ve released a new Air Quality overlay, as well as an improved satellite layer and optical flow. Windy Premium provides much better and more detailed 1-hour forecast data that they update four times a day.Windy

Its mission is to provide the world’s best weather forecasting service. Windy displays the weather, just like other apps, but it goes a step further. In this app, you can view street names, typography, etc. The wind variations in the oceans have been depicted by this app accurately. If a cyclone is approaching your city, the app will show its current location and notify users.

You can also choose between radar and a satellite view, depending on your preferences. When it comes to severe weather alerts, it’s one of the best apps. From pilots and paragliders to surfers, fishermen to hurricane chasers, and even government officials and rescue teams, Windy is used by a diverse group of people. You can try the premium plans of the Windy app. It has a one-year subscription fee of $29.99.

3. Overdrop- Weather Widget & Weather Radar:

Overdrop is one of the more recent weather apps on the list. It has a simple, primarily minimalist design that is just enough to get the real update. Real-time weather data, a 24/7 forecast, severe weather alerts, six themes, various widgets, and more are all included in the app. It’s undoubtedly one of the better ones.

Overdrop allows adding various types and sizes of widgets to the home screen. The main drawback of this app is it shows ads in the free version. You don’t need to worry as Overdrop is a free-to-use app; this app has premium plans of up to $7.49.

4. The Weather Channel:

The Weather Channel app is one of the best weather apps that covers all the basics. The current temperature, future forecasts, tough weather alerts, radar, and other information are included. There are also breaking news, lightning warnings, and pollen warnings. There are several widgets, as well as a separate tablet UI and other features. It doesn’t take any shortcuts.The Weather Channel

With all of these features, The Weather Channel app is one of the most comprehensive on the list and is not a good choice for minimalists. Aside from that, it’s perfectly functional. In its premium version, it costs $9.99 with no ads. The Play Store has got 4.5-star ratings, and one hundred million people downloaded this app from there.

5. Geometric Weather:

Geometric Weather is the best app for you if you want something simple, easy to use, and free of ads. You’ll see the weather report on the app’s homepage, followed by a week-long weather summary. The app also provides information on allergen details and the air quality in your city.

If you continue to scroll down, you will find a detailed report on the current weather conditions. It uses AccuWeather as its weather data source, sends weather notifications, and has a dark mode. It lacks flashy themes and other frills, but it is simple and functional. In the Google Play Store, this app gets 100,000 plus installs and 4.4-star ratings from the users.

6. Weather Underground:

When IBM purchased Weather Underground a few years ago, the company underwent some significant changes. It covers the essentials, such as the current forecast, weather radar, and so on. The app adds features like an air quality metric, sunrise and sunset times, hurricane tracking, and weather news to the experience. Furthermore, the radar is highly customizable, with numerous layers. To provide local weather forecasts, Weather Underground relies on a network of over 30,000 personal and amateur weather stations. Weather Underground has the free version and a premium version for $3.99 per month or $19.99 per year.

7. Carrot Weather:

Carrot weather can be the best alternative to the Dark Sky weather app. It uses Dark Sky’s accurate weather data while adding any details. This app has customizable widgets from which you’ll get carrots forecasts on your Home Screen. The interface of the CARROT Weather App allows you to access your current, hourly, and daily forecasts quickly.Carrot Weather

Alternatively, you can receive a daily summary of the weather for the upcoming day and severe weather alerts. With radar and satellite maps, you can watch in awe as the next big storm approaches your home. Unlock achievements by participating in weather events, traveling worldwide, and experimenting with the app’s various features. Carrot Weather has a great pricing deal from $4.99 to $14.99 per month. They offer premium, ultra, and family packages also.

Honorable Mentions

While the apps mentioned above are among the best weather apps for Android, a few others deserve to be mentioned outside this list. Let’s have a look-

  • Flowx- Flowx uses various local and global sources to provide the most accurate forecasts to Android users.
  • MyRadar Weather Radar- This app has video content to watch or follow the wind patterns and learn aviation data.
  • NOAA Weather Radar Live- collects data from NOAA and National Weather Service in the US.
  • 1Weather- You can look at hourly and weekly forecasts, see precipitation and radar maps, and research the positions of the sun and moon.
  • Plume Labs- provides real-time, local pollution data, a necessary service for our current climate.
  • Weather Hi-Def Radar-You can also learn about what’s going on in your neighborhood thanks to GPS tracking and detailed data.
  • Appy Weather- this app has a custom notification system.
  • Google Feed- quickly checks through the Google Assistant.
  • Today Weather- This is one of the well-designed minimalist applications.
  • Yahoo Weather- this app shows gorgeous images from Flickr.

FAQs about Android Apps for Weather

Under this section, we’ve packed some typical FAQs about the Android apps for the weather. Check these out-

What is the best free weather app for Android phones?

Each of the apps listed above has a free version, but most have ‘freemium.’ However, Geometric Weather, which is entirely free and open-source, is the best free weather app for Android.

What is the best, most accurate weather app?

AccuWeather is the most accurate Android weather app among others. Many weather apps rely on the AccuWeather API as their primary data sources are accurate. Their data is correct for countries like the United States. When it comes to the United States, the Dark Sky API is still very accurate.

What is the simplest weather app?

The default weather app from Google is probably the most basic weather app on Android. Aside from that, Geometric Weather, with its user-friendly interface, is the simplest weather app for Android.

Does Google have a weather app?

Google has its own weather app, simple but functional for checking current conditions and hourly or weekly forecasts. However, depending on your location, they use data from other weather apps like AccuWeather.

Final Verdict

Whether you’re planning for the day or anticipating the arrival of a major storm, you can know the accurate forecasting. All the weather apps on this list will provide you with safe and accurate forecasts, as well as the necessary information to prepare for whatever weather system you’re dealing with. Find an app from the above list of the best weather apps that suits your needs, whether it’s a plethora of statistics and metrics that help you plan everything from moon phases to the best surfing conditions.

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