Download Archon For Pc (2022 Latest) For Windows 10, 8, 7

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Nowadays, running android app on your pc is not a big deal, thanks to the android emulators. However, not any of the emulator is approved or recognized by Google. As a result, you may not get the best android experience with these emulator.

Finally, Google has launched an android emulator to offer you amazing android experience on your pc on a various operating systems including windows, Linux, and Mac OS. But this is not like any traditional emulators. Unlike other emulators, it allows you to run almost all the android apps by using your chrome browser instead of using direct pc. It works as an extension for chrome browser and allows to run android apps inside the chrome.

Archon For Pc

Features Of Archon Android Emulator

So what makes you install this emulator on your pc to run? Well, it comes with some amazing features. Here are a few features for you.


Unlike many other emulator this one is very lightweight. When you use any emulator, your pc gets slow and as a result, you cannot experience the fun of android applications. But with this emulator, you can easily enjoy the android app and play different games smoothly without making your pc slow.

Supports the latest android system

Another good feature of this emulator is that it supports the latest android system. That means you can run the latest app on this emulator and also, get all the features available for the latest version.


In most of the cases, using the emulator is not as fast as it is one the android phone. As a result, it becomes impossible to enjoy the games and other android software due the speed. However, ARChon for pc can provide fast using experience to the users.

Supports in all operating system

A problem with many emulators is not supporting in different operating systems. But when you are using ARChon emulator, you can use it in any operating system no matter it is windows, Mac, or linux.

Supports almost all the apps

Though it is not an android smartphone, you can enjoy almost all the apps available in the play store. However, the emulator does not promise to run all the android apps available on the play store.

Archon Android Emulator System Requirements For Pc And Mac

This android emulator is designed to be user-friendly. That is why it does not have many requirements at all.

You need to have at least windows 7 operating system or equivalent. Below that will not be compatible with the emulator. Also, it is recommended to have latest operating system on your pc to get the best user experience.

At the same time, you operating system should be 64 bit. A 32 bit operating system will be compatible with the emulator. So if you have 32 bit operating system, it is time to change it.

Other than that, for better gaming experience, you should have ram more than 8gb. Additional graphics card will provide better graphics.

How To Download Archon Android For Windows 7,8,10 And Mac Os X

Downloading the ARChon Android on your pc is not difficult. If you have basic knowledge on computer, you can do it. Follow the process to download the ARChon for pc.

Archon For Pc

  • At first, you need to download the extension zip file for your browser. For that, you need to visit From the link, download your preferable version of ARChon file.
  • After downloading the zip file, you need to unzip it. You can use any of the unzip software such as Win-zip, 7-zip, or any other built in unzip software. Make sure you keep all the extracted files in one folder.
  • Now, open your Google chrome browser. As we already mention that you must need a chrome browser to run this emulator. On the right top of the browser, you will see three dots. Click there and navigate to more tools and then extension.
  • You will find a new window. On the right top, you will find an option named developer mode. Check that option there.
  • After checking the option, you will see a window like this where you will find an option named ‘load unpacked extension’.
  • Click there and navigate to the folder where you have saved the ARChon unzip file. Click ok to upload the file.

You are done. However, you may be seen some warning massages. Do not worry about that. You have the emulator extension now. From now, you can use any android app developed for chrome use.

How To Play Archon Android Games On Your Pc

Now the question comes how you can play ARChon android games on your pc. Well, it is as simple as installing the emulator.

  • At first you need to download any apk files of the game that is supported in chrome emulator.
  • Now unzip and extract the file as you did when installing the emulator. It is not any different.
  • Open your chrome browser and go to your extension option. From there, you need to check developer mode if it is uncheck. Now click load unpack extension from the developer mode.
  • Navigate to the folder where you have downloaded your game file apk. Now you are done installing the game on your browser. You can open the game and play for fun.

Final Thought

As you can see, downloading and installing the ARChon emulator on your chrome browser is not that difficult. You can do it with ease. You should not have any problem regarding downloading and installing the software at all.

ARChon for pc is a great application you can use to enjoy the android experience on your pc. Not many other emulator can provide you that good experience as this emulator. So what are you waiting for? Download the emulator and enjoy android experience in your pc.

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