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APUS-Group is one of the most popular IT companies in the world. And, APUS browser is a flagship product of them. The user interface of this browser is simple and so you can easily use this browser. 

You can easily use the APUS browser for PC and Mac through android emulators. If you download the APUS browser on Mac once, you can easily use any apps from the Play Store. As the popularity of this browser increasing day by day, people are waiting for the APUS browser app for their PC. 

Why Choose APUS Browser for PC

Its high-speed mode and fast downloading option have made this app attractive to the users. You can browse the important sites in Incognito Browser. At the time of browsing internet or loading heavy files, this browser compresses the sites and save your mobile data. 

apus browser for pc

As it compresses the files at the time of browsing, you will get the maximum speed of browsing. A warning will be shown automatically on the screen of mobile and PC at the time of visiting any unsafe sites and downloading any dangerous files. So, there has no risk of being tracked. 

Benefits of Using APUS Browser For PC

Let’s see some unique benefits of the APUS browser that attracts the users of this browser. 

  • You can surf the latest news with its News section. 
  • It features a free fast browser option that gives a smooth browsing experience. 
  • Its artificial intelligence and smart option automatically predict your browsing needs. 
  • You can also choose ” Speed Mode” and ” No Image Mode”. 
  • With this browser, you can easily download any high-resulted HD videos and Pics. 

Apus Browser For Pc Apk And Features

APUS browser has some great features that ensure speedy and safe browsing experience. Its data saving mode saves your mobile data and give the highest security of your mobile browsing. Let’s see some features of the APUS browser that you don’t want to miss. 

Secure Browser

You can visit your confidential pages with its “Incognito Browser Mode”. It automatically shows a warning in case of browsing any dangerous sites and downloading any dangerous files. 

Data-saving Browser

Its smart internet browsing option compresses mobile data to save data. As it compress mobile data, you will get maximum speed at the time of browsing. 

Multi-tab browser 

You can easily switch from one site to another site with its private browsing app option. So, you can easily access multiple sites at the same time. 

Shortcut websites

We sometimes want to see the live score of the sports, read notification shortcutly. In these cases, the APUS browser will help you to set websites at your home page shortcutly. 

Free Fast Browser

You will enjoy a high-end smooth browser experience with this app. By analyzing your browsing history, it smartly predicts your browsing needs and shows your desired sites without typing the full website address. 

How To Download And Install APUS Browser For PC ( Mac And Windows)

Many people ask us to know whether they will be able to download and install their favorite APUS browser on Mac or PC. You will be happy to know that you can use the APUS browser on your PC regardless of operating systems. Here I have described the process of downloading and installing APUS browser both on Mac and Windows-based PC.

apus browser for Windows

How to Install APUS Browser For Pc Using Android Emulator

You obviously don’t want to miss the benefits of the APUS browser at the time of using PC. As there has no PC app of APUS browser at this moment, you can download by using some android emulators such as BlueStack, Nox Player, MEmu, and Remix OS. Let’s see the process of downloading  APUS browser with Blustack. 

Step 01: 

First of all, you need to visit the official site of the BlueStack and click on the download section. Now download the right file depending on the configuration of your PC. You can use the private mode of the browser to safely download the file. After downloading files, scan through antivirus software.

Step 02:

Click on downloaded files to install on the mobile. At the time of installation, accept the privacy policy requirements needed for installation. 

Step 03:

After completion of the installation, you need to add your Google Account on BlueSTack. You have to enter either your existing username and password or your can create a new Google account. 

Step 04:

After clicking on the installation button, it will ask the permission of identity, contacts, location, photos, media, files, storage, wifi connection information and other things for giving better performance. So, allow all permissions so that you get better performance.

How to Install APUS Browser For Mac Using Android Emulator

Sometime mac users can’t enjoy their favorite apps for lacking of compatibility. People who use macOS should use an android emulators such as ARChon, KO player, Nox player, Genymotion to download and install the Play Store’s apps. Here, I am describing the process of installing the APUS Browser through Nox Player. 

Step 01: 

First of all, visit the Official site of the Nox and click on the downlaod section. You will see Google Drive, Version Log and Mac Version in the big nox. Click on the Mac version to use Nox on your mac. The new version has been updated on March 11, 2020, and the size of the file is 623 MB. So, check on available space on hard drive

Step 02:

Now click on the downloaded file from the download section. In this step, the Nox player will show you the privacy policy of this app. After reading the privacy policy, click on the “Agree” button. 

Step 03:

You have to drag the “Nox App Player” into the application folder to copy the ” Nox Player” to application. If you install the first time, it will transfer automatically. You operating sytem will show a popup showing ” Keep both”, ” Stop”, and ” Replace” button at the time of updating your old Nox player

Step 04:

Eject ” Nox_installer_for_mac_intt” click on the Nox player icon. After ejecting from the screen, go to application from the ” Finder” and find the Nox app player. Click on the “Nox” app player to install on your Mac. It may require a couple of minutes to fully install.

Step 05:

Now add a new or existing Google Account on the BlueStack to install any play Store’s app. After adding Google account, search ” APUS Browser” on the app search box.

Download APUS Browser

Frequently Asked Questions

✔ Is APUS browser safe?

APUS browser use a number of privacy-focused tools so that you can browse any website safely. It notifies at the time of visiting any dangerous sites or at the time of downloading any treacherous files. 

✔ Can I use APUS browser on Mac? 

You need to download and install an android emulator to use the APUS browser on your Mac. 

✔ Is APUS browser free?

APUS browser is a free android browser that ensures a smooth browsing experience. It also provides ” Speed Mode” and ” No image Mode” at the time of browsing.

Final Thought

APUS Browser is one of the most successful app developed by APUS Browser Dev Team. After the launching of the Market, more than 10 million people are using this app happily for its smooth performance and smart technology. 

APUS Browser for PC will give more features than using APUS on mobile. With this powerful internet explorer web browsing app, you can easily browse any sites securely and download any high-resolution files, videos, and pics. 

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